Fifteen Years for 69-Year Old Woodstock Man on Gun Charge

From the State’s Attorney:


William L Kounanis

William Kounanis

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that on September 25, 2023, 69-year-old William L Kounanis of Woodstock, Illinois, was sentenced to fifteen years in the Department of Corrections for Armed Violence, a Class X felony, by the Honorable Judge Tiffany Davis.

On March 1, 2020, a vehicle operated by and belonging to Kounanis was stopped for a traffic violation by members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Police.

The vehicle was searched after deputies observed open alcohol in the cup holder.

In searching the vehicle, deputies recovered a loaded firearm under the driver’s seat, ammunition for the same firearm on Kounanis’ person, and a large amount of cocaine.

Kounanis is a convicted felon and a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.      

This investigation was led by Deputy Richard Kim and Deputy Caitlin Meneely with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Police Department and was prosecuted by Matthew Brodersen of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.


Fifteen Years for 69-Year Old Woodstock Man on Gun Charge — 16 Comments

  1. ‘Armed Violence’?

    I missed that part in the Kenneally announcement.

    It say that he was pulled over and Deputies found drugs, open liquor and a loaded firearm + ammo.

    I read no where anything about ‘violence’.

  2. Yea Slap. RINOs tend to overinflate. An open beer leads to blow which leads to a gun. I’m sure the sheriff’s office knows who all Outlaw MC members are and are looking for a reason to put them in the slammer with a life sentence

  3. Seems a bit harsh given the recent no cash bail kind of Justice going on now.

    What exactly was the armed violence he committed?

    As the story reads, its nothing more than a convicted felon in possesion of a weapon and some Coke in the car.

    Not good, but not sure its 15 years worth. Would’ve thought he robbed a bank or something.

  4. Badasses like this have taught me when driving, never make eye contact with bikers, Tesla drivers and those bums holding homeless signs at expressway exit ramps.

  5. Outlaws? They’re OK.

    ‘Tiffany’ Davis? Was that her stripper name? Why didn’t she take her whacko husband’s name ‘Regna’——- anger spelt backwards.

    He was the sh!theel recruited by Nygren to keep the crooks in power before the new crook Mr. “Prim” came to power defeating sad sack Regna to create a new echelon of crooks now personified in the gun grabber Taddelman.

  6. LOL Bolt. Merrick Garland on 60 Minutes last night reassured the country there is no two tiered justice system. LOFL

    I had to watch just to see the garbage they are feeding the psy op’d.

  7. JT, so true.

    I had to laugh when Galand (Garfinkle) started crying about when the Germans put some salt on the tails of his crooked ancestors.

  8. “Yea Slap. RINOs tend to overinflate. ” Yeah like election fraud, 81mil Hah. Conspiracies with 6 degrees of separation, and of course Trumpty with his bombastic rhetoric. But it’s the RINOs.

  9. And why are you morons watching MSM, thought you didn’t do that.

  10. Hey dipshit trolls. I watch WGN for the weather forecast and then hang around for a little while to laugh at the BS the teleprompter monkeys read. The trolls are so smart in their own minds.

  11. Pokorny, perhaps next year you can ride with Tom Skilling at the Chicago fag pride parade. Maybe you can sit on his lap with your chaps.

    Think about it.

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