A “You Caused the Problem, You Solve It” Situation or “Biden Blowback”

From the Chicago Tribune, please excuse my interpretation if it is not quite accurate:

From thje article,

“The total number of arrivals since the first bus from Texas arrived in August 2022 is expected to jump from 15,000 as of last week to 20,000 this week.

“That total could double within three weeks…about 1,000 to 1,250 new arrivals daily”

Now, add some irony:

““Today, Illinois stands mostly unsupported against this enormous strain on our state resources,’ Pritzker wrote to Biden...

“‘s the numbers being transported to Chicago are accelerating, the humanitarian crisis is overwhelming our ability to provide aid to the refugee population,’ Pritzker wrote…

“‘Most critically, the federal government’s lack of intervention and coordination at the border has created an untenable situation for Illinois.'”

= = = = =


Bill Clinton Breaks With Democrats, Makes Concession on Illegal Immigrant Surge

In the Epoch Times article Elon Musk wrote, “They literally did ask for it.”


A “You Caused the Problem, You Solve It” Situation or “Biden Blowback” — 16 Comments

  1. Democrat State Department will issue a warning to Border Crossers, that D J has a ‘wicked slice’ and he will be at the Border golfing this weekend.

  2. “dj to Illinois”?

    There are a few “genuine” dive bars I frequent but I would never, ever name them.

  3. DJ, You live in low I.Q. snowflake Tommy’s head and he just can’t quit you – Congratulations ! 👍

  4. Thats all these stupids think of give me MO MONEY … how about DEPORT! dummies.. your GREED is showing who you really are… Swamp rats at the trough … FJB and the green backs you let roll in here.. stop making your problems our problems… No One wanted illegals here but you the Greed… mongers… call your buddy Soros and Company he has enuff funds for you to get them outta here and back over the border… from which they came… DEPORT!

  5. ole abe with his old weak 2015 minion slogans still working the room. Hey ole abe when you get some new material test it out at dj’s Donkey Bar. Let that third rate comic set you up.

  6. Tim is a typical antifa minion.

    The kind Kyle Rittenhouse liquidated


    After the passage of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which both Democrats and Republicans today rail against as racist, interracial murders went into a free fall, dropping by a full third between 1994 to 1999. Eventually, relatively successful crime fighting techniques that have now been completely reversed culminated in historically low rates of interracial killings. These numbers consistently held throughout the 2000s and 2010s, reaching lows not seen since the 1960s.

    What is startling about this return to the crime rates of the 1980s and early 1990s is that whites are significantly more segregated from blacks today than 35 years ago, meaning that more murders are occurring despite fewer opportunities.

    The racialization and politicization of our criminal justice system, which has infected lawyers, juries, judges and beyond, is also struggling to punish non-white people accused of killing whites, regardless of the evidence and circumstances.

    While no data currently exists on this topic, the anecdotes are piling up. An Akron jury’s refusal to convict two black men of manslaughter after they viciously stomped a young white man, Ethan Liming, to death over a water gun dispute has been circulating on social media to a limited extent, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    It is known that black on black murders are more likely to end in mistrials, often due to them being gang related and urban codes of silence, but a cursory search of local news stories from the last three months reveals that somewhere around a quarter of stories nationwide regarding prosecutors struggling to convict a murder defendant have a non-white aggressor and a white victim, despite such crimes dynamics being far less common than intraracial homicides.

    There does not appear to be a specific mechanism we can point to as responsible for forcing such outcomes, but a systematic pattern is apparent. There is a spectrum of absurdities: a judge will grant a mistrial based off of a ridiculous defense argument, a prosecutor will make unforced and moronic errors, or a minority or left-wing juror will engage in nullification or only allow the lowest level crime to stick, sometimes openly stating that they refuse to send a black man to jail no matter what.

    This played out in a Baltimore courtroom last July in the case of a black teenager who shot and killed a white man with an illegal gun. The Baltimore jury was shown the entire incident, where video footage caught the suspect shooting the victim several times in the back. Nevertheless, the black jurors refused to come to a verdict until they were compelled when the judge issued an Allen charge. They passed on the recommended First Degree or Second Degree murder options and opted to find the attacker guilty of the minimum charge, which was Voluntary Manslaughter.

    In another summer debacle, black 28-year-old Shayla Baylor was released from custody after two mistrials. In 2021, Baylor stabbed a 62-year-old white man named Greg McKnight to death during a dispute in an Oakland, California supermarket parking lot.

    McKnight, who was wheelchair bound, could not exit his car after Baylor illegally parked next to him in a handicap parking space, which boxed him in his car.

    Baylor’s defense hinged on McKnight having had called her “nigger” during the argument prior to the incident, which friends of McKnight said was impossible due to him being a life-long left-wing activist. Nevertheless, the Oakland jury refused to convict her twice, forcing prosecutors to plead her down and release her back into society with time served.

    In another July mistrial, a 25-year-old Puerto Rican man in Massachusetts named Emanuel Lopes was able to win a mistrial after killing two whites, Weymouth police Sgt. Michael Chesna and an elderly bystander, Vera Adams. Lopes’ defense argued that he was going through a mental breakdown and was thus not liable. The entire Worcester jury voted to convict him, but one person, described only as a “young woman,” held out. Jurors told the press that she refused to look at any of the evidence and stubbornly held her ground without explanation. Rather than force a verdict through an Allen charge, judge Beverly Cannone granted a mistrial in the double homicide trial.

    More at: https://www.unz.com/estriker/interracial-murder-is-reaching-record-highs-but-courts-keep-failing-to-convict/

  7. LTime overthrow the jew oppressors and cast them out, once again, out if the white nations they have ravaged and polluted.l

    Go for it Rambo. I love all you *ssholes that can’t even walk one mile, all ready to roll on civil war.


  8. Skinwalker, the effeminate pansies ridicule you now.

    But in a few years they’ll likely be dead.

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    I made $300k on Novartis stock.

    In at $75 a yr ago, out at 104.21 July

  10. You mean a company that sells pharmaceuticals. I thought MAGA Morons hate the pharmacy industry. Kind of makes you a hypocrite

  11. Yeah, like Cosy owned $750k in Novartis stock alone. Uh huh.

    Where are the rest of your millions invested?

  12. MAGA morons are the strictest of Capitalists. If it doesn’t generate money it is waste and therefore evil. But if it can make you money it doesn’t matter what the means are.

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