McHenry County Board Candidate’s Night – Part 1

Continuing the role that the Republican Party could have assumed, We the People, McHenry County held a candidates’ night at Galati’s in Cary Monday night.

We, the People founder Bruce Johnson and retired Harper College Professor Judith Zaplatynsky led the event.

McHenry County Board members introduced themselves.

McHenry County Board candidates Jim Kearns, Deena Krieger, Mike Buehler, Eric Hendricks, John Reinert, Patrick Sullivan and Mike Shorten.
Mike Buehler

These videos were taken by John Pletz.

More will follow as he has time to post them.

County Board Chairman Mike Buehler did state that McHenry County is not a sanctuary county.

Another attendee wrote that the issue of mental health and the McHenry County Mental Health Board.came up.

“But very clearly, and it was confirmed last night, extreme elements are at work trying to politicize the mental health issue in McHenry County, especially with the [front page Northwest Herald] article published Friday morning.

“These themes were repeated last night from some of the incumbent candidates, including fire at McHenry County Mental Health Board Executive Director Leonetta Rizzi, whose future was brought up last night.”

The County Board does not appoint the Executive Director of the Mental Health Board; that is done by the 708 Board.


McHenry County Board Candidate’s Night – Part 1 — 10 Comments

  1. Selfless Public Servant Kearns claims, he’s bowing to the wishes of voter’s asking him to run and reminds everyone he got a Township back to ‘business as usual’.

    ….and the assembled imbeciles applaud………….

  2. While I appreciate smokeshow Deena’s courage, in sitting so close to that leper colony at the table.

    I withdraw my support due to her declaration of being yet another, in a long line of activist schoolteachers, who have got us too exactly, where we’re at today.

  3. Bruce or Lopez, assuming you were present, shouldn’t this have been an ideal opportunity for a robust Republican discourse? Why not grow a pair and exhibit some assertiveness and question the current board members about their voting decisions? The unsustainable new taxes, introducing reduced government layers, budget cuts, addressing the flag issue, and the matter of undocumented immigrants. The practice of posing softball questions in an attempt to secure their attendance is a disgrace not to mention an insult to the voter. And you wonder why your attendance is horrific?

    Bruce, it’s disheartening to see a decline in your attendance numbers but was inevitable due to your squish. The image of an American with a tear in his eye, whom you claim to represent, has become predictable and repetitive. It’s time to grow a pair and front these ciphers. Geez.

  4. She looks a little old for a Gen Z arm sleeve tat. I wonder if her tongue is pierced?

  5. Who is the guy that looks like a 1919 version of Adolf Hitler?
    To the RIGHT on the picture of Buehler.

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