What Will Fox River Grove, Cary, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock and Harvard Do If Chicago Puts Illegals on Metra Trains?

Combine the virtual panic being expressed by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Governor JB Pritzker seen below…

with last night’s email from McHenry County Republican Chairman Jeff Thorsen:

Tonight, I asked Illinois Senate Leader John Curran about JB Pritzker’s request of all counties and municipalities in Illinois for help in off loading Chicago’s migrant crisis.

He said two things.

First, he is surprised the request hasn’t become a mandate.

Second, the primary locale for the migrant population is the collar counties rather than the southern Illinois counties. 

I am sharing this as I believe we should all be prepared for that eventuality. 

Remember, McHenry County is a simple train ride away. [Emphasis added.]

Crystal Lake train station.

…raises the question in the headline above.

= = = = =

If anyone sees immigrants riding the trains, please let me know.


What Will Fox River Grove, Cary, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock and Harvard Do If Chicago Puts Illegals on Metra Trains? — 35 Comments

  1. How many Carbon Credits will Mayor Brandon and JB give us in Texas, if we bus 100,000 directly to the collar counties?

  2. Answer: They won’t do a damned thing and our Israeli Sheriff will welcome them with lies and leis.

    Wake up people!

    The commissars in guinea pig Illinois under Fatty Pritzker are coming for your guns Jan 1.

    You homes and 401ks will be requisitioned later.

    Your sons are to be chemically castrated and daughters turned into sex slaves for congoids or have their breasts removed by ghoulish doctors because some teacher brainwashed the kid into the tranny world and parents have right to interfer with ‘transitioning.’

    Don’t believe me? You don’t understand demographics, jew power and hate, or basic history.

  3. Please let a couple of dozen know, that Martin has offered asylum in the comfort of his home.

  4. Will the McHenry County Board do anything to keep the illegals out?

  5. Bred, come on.

    They are spineless molluscs looking for scraps on the floors of Crystal Lake and the Kishwaukee.

    Gottemoller almost got half a hotdog somebody tried to give to a pet, but dropped into Boone Creek.

    But it was too much trouble, so Joe found a deeper depression in the creek to scuttle off to and whine.

    He tried to start a family with the the hideous Van Hof, once called the ‘Urch’?….

    But they were incompatible being that they were the same sex.

  6. Trains go both ways.

    They can be escorted back on the train to Chicago.

  7. More brilliant discourse from our resident bitch.

    “tRiGGeReD – ? 😂🤣😄”

    You got me old man, you got me good. LOL

  8. Hundreds of down on their luck, easily exploitable undocumented migrants who are ignorant of labor laws are being shipped to the suburbs??!!

    Surly this is fake outrage from Republicans.

    Depressed sub-legal wages equals PROFIT$!!

  9. Geez Poop.

    How’s bout letting me exploit them a bit, before you start all that hand holding, Coke-Cola drinking, hilltop singing crap?

  10. Why not ask those self-proclaimed “fiscal conservatives” on the county board to voice their opinion?

    You know, specifically, those same ones who agreed to raise the motor fuel tax.

    Please, do not suggest to me that it was only 2%!

    Why not any proposal to REDUCE the motor fuel tax?

    The answer: “We’ll budgetary restraints if left unchecked would have forced budget cuts.”

    Exactly, that’s the point!

    Fiscal conservative, my a**. Similar to Pritzker and similar to COVID strategy where McHenry County received nearly $60 Million in “Covid relief,” monies, you can be assured that if board members are enticed by those same dollars, in a heartbeat will disregard voter sentiments about illegal statusability.

    I know, I know, it’s all “Springfields” fault.


  11. Bruce or Lopez, assuming you were present, shouldn’t this have been an ideal opportunity for a robust Republican discourse? Why not grow a pair and exhibit some assertiveness and question the current board members about their voting decisions? The unsustainable new taxes, introducing reduced government layers, budget cuts, addressing the flag issue, and the matter of undocumented immigrants. The practice of posing softball questions in an attempt to secure their attendance is a disgrace not to mention an insult to the voter. And you wonder why your attendance is horrific?

    Bruce, it’s disheartening to see a decline in your attendance numbers but was inevitable due to your squish. The image of an American with a tear in his eye, whom you claim to represent, has become predictable and repetitive. It’s time to grow a pair and front these ciphers. Geez.

  12. Oh darn, they could’ve stopped at Arlington Park and stayed there, in the old quarters built for the groomers, hot walkers and other Horse personnel that lived at the Track for the Horse Racing Season.

    Fully functioning living quarters, but darn it, they just tore those buildings down last week.

    So the train will continue onward.

  13. It will be boomer Woke time, FIRE and Impeach every hog at the trough who was part of this then off to jail time for them since they have all broken our laws..

  14. We Are Not and Will Not be an unlawful City via these law breakers ineptness… they created this BS!

    you keep it in your own back yard… !

  15. There goes Paul Barthel again!

    Trying to introduce reason and common sense to the likes of welfarite Martin and nitwits like mellow and the Pookorny.

    Paul it’s pointless.

    These wreckers only want to destroy what they could never create.

    They actually want to kill us.

    They think George Floyd is a giant of goodness and Zelensky is 3/4s angelic and Jussie Smollett, the poor little black, Jewish homosexual and Hollywood celeb, was attacked by white nationalists.

    They are useless.

  16. LOL. You are all missing the point.

    Ridership is down on Metra.

    This will improve those numbers by having taxpayers by the tickets to southern mchenry county.

    They embrace drag shows for kids, LGBTQ crap and the liberal ideology including open borders.

    Don’t they have abandoned stores on the route 14 corridor?

    There’s plenty of space for them there.

  17. Police departments are already controlled by the feds.

    Local police have been co-opted by federal funding and training in israeli-style military tactics.

    Those two aspects of today’s policing are detrimental to any reform of today’s israeli-style “command and control” police tactics.

    We are already Palestinians, now…

  18. Pritzker opened a private line from Chicago to Belvidere and Rockford where these Amigos will fit right in.

    Not open yet but both town are beaming that they got access and are now realizing they are going to be the chosen ones.

  19. I agree with you, Cal. We need and have borders. We have about 6000 miles of land borders. And two sea coasts, and the Gulf of Mexico. Here are annual deportation statistics.


    They peaked during the Obama years, which is why he’s such a favorite of the far right. Reagan and Bush administrations initiated amnesty programs that worked, and we had citizenship classes for those who qualified. Deportations dropped during the Trump administration. Anyone who thinks continuing the ping-pong of illegal entries and deportations under the present system is sustainable is fantasizing. Anyone who pretends roofers, landscapers, restaurant workers and nonunion labor are going to be made up of native born whites is also dreaming of a time that never really was. We need secure borders that recognize the reality that people in countries with little work and ten dollars per day for the best jobs want to come to the USA, and that we need them. Employers don’t have enough work visa people to fill basic jobs, so they close businesses and cut hours, or hire the undocumented. The way out of this is a reasonable program that includes border security, screening, asylum for the qualified, realistic policies to admit immigrants, and deportation of those who do not qualify or violate terms of their visas. That program has to include a path to citizenship. This requires federal funding, programs, and legal professionals – the same people vilified as “the deep state.”

    One of the anonymous Caliphatians suggested I take in immigrants. I have. I have also taught English to immigrants and citizenship classes for those seeking to become USA citizens, as an unpaid volunteer. I’ve served in the military and in civilian capacities overseas. So what the fork have you done, other than scream racist nonsense and white supremacy? But it’s not about me. It’s about food government policy implemented by people who know what they are doing.

    Finally, as to my comment that this is not a Christian nation: read the teachings of Jesus, not Joel Osteen. You’ll see that what He said was pretty simple and straightforward, most of it based in the golden rule, exercise of free will, compassion, and human decency.

  20. *good government, not food. But it’s dinner time, so pardon the typo.

  21. I think I’ll wait for Martin to unveil his AI-driven hologram, so i can ask even more sentient questions about his ‘world citizen’ bio, in order to generate multiple joke responses.

  22. Look up sentient. Then look up salient. You may have a shot at the former.

  23. What’s needed here is a barrage of sentient questions, to cause AI Hologram Martin to completely meltdown.

  24. Metis ad Paul Barthel: Your comments suggest that you expect any decisions regarding “accepting” migrants into McHenry County lies within the sole authority of the County Board. I believe this is not correct; the County Board’s authority lies in the unincorporated areas of McHenry County. The remaining part of McHenry County lies within the various municipal boundaries, and, therefore, decision regarding the issue you’re discussing would more likely be a decision of each city and village in the County.

    Please let us know if this is not correct. Thank you.

  25. In reality? Nothing. chairman Buehler’s sound bite sounds great but means nothing as he hasn’t control over illegals and whether they’re shielded by Pritzker, Liberal Mayors ( that would be all of them). police
    chiefs and county Sheriff! Sad but true. And let’s not forget the schools.

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