Will County Levies $10 Million for Mental Health

In Will County, with a population of almost 700,000, the County Board has just levied $10 million for its Mental Health Board.

A referendum authorizing property tax funding passed in November with 53% voting in favor.

Thr Daily Southtown reports “the maximum levy that could be assessed as 0.05% per equalized assessed value. The rate approved Thursday was less than that at 0.0362%.”

Next year, the McHenry County Board (populaton about 310,000) proposes to levy $10,975,000, plus provide an addition $270,000 for capital projects from Federal covid money.

At the next McHenry County Mental Health Board meeting the following “Decision Memo” will be discussed:


Will County Levies $10 Million for Mental Health — 4 Comments

  1. Does that mean McHenry County residents are twice as messed up per capita?

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