Algonquin Township’s Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Gains Notority in Wall Street Journal Editorial — 8 Comments

  1. And that concludes this morning’s Coffee With A Nazi program.

  2. Swastikas and Klan robes.
    Sexist, racist homophobes.
    Aryan-Nations and Hammerskins,
    You can wear my nuts on your Nazi chins.
    I love a man in uniform.

  3. Were only a couple of weeks away, from the ‘Der Sturmer’ desks of the NYT’s and Washington Post, publishing caricatures of Jew snakes strangling the globe.

  4. Jan started out as a Teacher.

    She knows this program would be beneficial to those kids in so many ways.

    Yet her Union, Marxist callings are much louder now that she’s sold out to the System.

    So sad they gerrymandered her District to now include us in SE McHenry County.

    Absolute poster for Term limits.

    Her husbands Dem dirty tricks should have had her voted out or censured years ago.

    But her Base in the pre gerrymandered District boundaries all were just like her.

    btw–where is her personal outrage on the Squad and “From the River to the Sea”.

    Look earlier in this Blog and find Jan in a photo with Talib herself.

    We got a fraud here folks.

    Not even a friend to the Jew anymore with her silence.

    She should be leading the charge against those Hamas supporters.

    Oh maybe she signed a letter with her bed buddy Mike Quigley, denouncing some of it.

    Big Deal. Call your husband to do some dirty tricks on the squad members Jan if you were for real.

    Doing it to Trump supporters was ok though?

  5. Tadelman’s and Jack Franks’
    Synagogue buddies flock here like filthy pigeons.

    The calm before the storm, zio-pigs.

    It’s 1931 all over again!

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