Missing Front License Plate Merits Lake in the Hills Traffic Stop

Illinois is one of the states that still requires a front license plate.

I remember my first year in the Illinois House (1973) when I thought this requirement was unneeded.

The young Belvidere Township Assessor agreed and gather data for me.

Legislation to kill the requirement has gone nowhere, even though every once in a while subsequent legislators bring up the subject.

It’s not just law enforcement who favor keeping two plates.

The Tollway wants the front plate so it can identify those who do not pay.

Now, the Lake in the Hills Police have made a traffic stop seemingly on the basis of a person’s vehicle having no front license plate.

I’m guessing that is how the officer discovered the woman had no driver’s license.

This is the second such stop for Lake in the Hills this year.

Harvard made a similar arrest in 2015:

In 2022, Woodstock Police made a similar stop:


Missing Front License Plate Merits Lake in the Hills Traffic Stop — 14 Comments

  1. That stolen Lincoln Valor thing, you nuts have on those plates, is truly hysterical.

  2. No plate holders on Corvette’s Marty.

    Would you drill into the bumper of a high end sports car?

    I think most cops understand that.

    What’s lacking in this story is the year, make and model of the car Ms Head was driving.

    Cal your guess is spot on.

    Cops also like to go for the no license plate light excuse to pull you over.
    There just modern-day revenuers.

  3. Look at photos and specs. C1 through 8 all have front plate mounts.

    Some generations had them as available to be put on by dealers, as the current C8, and owners opt out.

    The same is true for a number of sports cars.

    I was stopped by a cop once for no front plate, and all he wanted was to talk about the car.

    He had no intention of writing a ticket or harassing. The point is that no-front-plate is a handy pretext for a stop.

  4. Apparently, Huntley residents are exempt from the 2 plate law based on what I have observed for
    the past several decades.

    Tip: don’t get caught speeding through the Panera Bread parking lot, it’s heavily patrolled.

  5. DJ cop pulls over Vette driver.

    DJ Cop: “I need you to step out of the car, sir”.

    Vette Driver: “What’s this about? What’s that….

    DJ Cop: “I need you to step out and stand still”

    DJ Cop reaches up with tube connected to air tank and pneumatic sound occurs, with Vette driver flopping back with hole in forehead.

    …..my adaptation of No Country for Old Vette Drivers.

  6. LOFL DJ. I was wondering where that story was going. Well done.

    You don’t step out of a vette though. It takes all sorts of contortions to get in and out unless of course you own a convertible which makes the process much easier.

    And Marty I suspect Ms Head was not driving a sports car. She probably had a front plate that got ripped off at her local car wash.

  7. Cry abe, cry. Its hilarious you got burglarized. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger loser.

  8. I know a guy who got a DUI after he was supposedly pulled over for not having a front plate. The cop had been following the guy before he pulled him over.

    The charges got tossed when the guy’s lawyer asked the cop how he could tell from behind that the car didn’t have a front plate.

    A lot of cops will invent any pretext they can think of after the fact, and some of them aren’t real smart about it.

  9. Thank the money sucking MAAD / AAIM mothers for your friends harassment Billy Bob.

  10. “The charges got tossed when the guy’s lawyer asked the cop how he could tell from behind that the car didn’t have a front plate.”

    If the cop was willing to lie about the pretext, why wouldn’t he have lied about seeing it?

    The obvious answer for the lying cop would be the answer a truthful cop would have given in the most obvious actual situation.

    “I saw the missing front plate when they passed in front of my car at the intersection. Then I pulled out behind them and followed as I ran the rear plate. Then I stopped them.”

    You need to think about the obvious when you make up stories.

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