Sue Ness’ Explanation for Helping Kill Illinois’ Version of School Vouchers

From State Rep. Sue Ness:

“The other big issue we will be discussing is the Invest in Kids Act. It is set to expire at the end of this year.

“Some groups are calling it a scholarship program and saying that the General Assembly is ending it.

“That is not true.

“The scholarship programs will continue, and individuals can continue to donate money to private schools to give scholarships based on income eligibility.

“The only thing we are changing is the 75% tax credit that is currently given.

“The bill that is expiring is for the tax credit, not the scholarship.

“This bill was something that happened before my time in the General Assembly.”

Not before her time, however, is the $25,000 in campaign contributions from the Illlinois Education Association PAC IPACE.


Sue Ness’ Explanation for Helping Kill Illinois’ Version of School Vouchers — 7 Comments

  1. Typical demoncrat keep kids in public school, keep dumbing down the children.

  2. There’s no explanation necessary, she’s a Democratic Socialist hell bent on destroying McHenry County.

    She’s Kamala Kelli’s mentor and along with her mother and County Board member, Lou Ness, they’re planning the demise of the Conservative values that have made McHenry County the great place it is to live.

    If you think your taxes are unsustainable now, do not vote for Wegener without consulting an out of state real estate agent!

    The upcoming General Election is the Left’s planned blitzkrieg of McHenry County, backed by the JB Pritzker’s cash.

    McHenry County is a open wound in Pritzker’s agenda to make Illinois the socialistic capital of the Midwest.

    If nothing else, vote against this cast of pompous want to be “politicians” who can’t make it themselves without Pritzker’s lies and cash, and chuckle to yourself as you lay your head on your pillow that you kept these fiends from destroying your home.

  3. It seems like she is talking about semantics. “NO, it’s not the scholarship it’s the heckin’ tax credit part that made me kill the program!”

    Ok but the point remains that you are taking away something that helps parents give their kids better opportunities, and the reason you did so is because you were leaned on by rent seeking employees of the low quality public school system that believe the industry they’re in exists primarily as a jobs program instead of to properly educate and prepare students for the real world or college.

    This was a poor explanation by Ness.

    She probably would have been better off saying nothing at all.

    On the other hand, don’t expect her to face serious repercussions for this such as being voted out of office.

  4. She is diseased filth, little better than the bloody, reeking and purulent diarrhea of cholera victims.

  5. Public employee unions particularly teachers unions have taken over the Daley Madigan machine “”( one of their own is now mayor of Chicago).

    Marxists now have the paper hand in Ill

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