Huntley D158 to Ask for Maximum CPI % Property Tax Levy Increase & New Growth

Within 8 months of a slate of “Common Sense Candidates” bankrolled by the now defunct McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes political committee sweeping 4 seats in the April 4 election and after seating one of their own to replace a member of the slate who moved out-of-state, D158 approves preliminary levy for final action on December 21

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez

At Thursday night’s regular meeting of the Huntley Community School District 158 (D158) Board of Trustees, after swearing-in an appointed school board member, the school board voted 5-0-1 to approve the preliminary levy.

Board President Andy Bittman voted “Present”. Board Members Tony Quagliano, Sean Cratty, Paul Troy, Laura Murray and newly-minted Board Member Dana Wiley voted “yes”. Board Member Mike Thompson was absent.

The cued video is the discussion of the D158 administration’s recommendation for the full 5% CPI increase plus new growth, and the discussion lasts 20 minutes, ending with the 5-0-1 vote.

As all remember, D158 was touted to have elected the most parents-centric tax fighters after sweeping the four school board positions up for election on April 4.

Now with half a year under their belt, the conservative majority school board finds it’s not as easy to govern when faced with the reality of rising costs which will need to be passed along to taxpayers.

Orville Brettman & new D158 Board Member Dana Wiley (immediate left), April 4, 2023

Will Grafton Township Republican Party issue a resolution for D158’s Levy Vote?

As shared by Cal Skinner yesterday, Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Orville Brettman issued a resolution on behalf of the Grafton Township Republican Party calling for the McHenry County Board to approve a flat levy, no new growth property tax levy at their meeting on November 21.

McHenry County Blog published the resolution here.

Because D158 is primarily based in Grafton Township, along with Brettman and many Grafton Township Republicans pounded pavement for the D158 slate of candidates who now sit as the majority on the D158 school board, it’s a question worth asking.

Grafton Township Republicans chose to oppose the recommended levy of the McHenry County Board. Shouldn’t the same be asked of D158 by the organization largely responsible for their election?

The public hearing on the levy will take place in D158 on Thursday, December 21 at the Administration building in Algonquin.


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Friend of the Blog, November 11, 1:10PM CST:

Perhaps the first question the Board should ask itself is why the district has been generating deficits of almost $5 million over the last 4 years in spite of levying in excess of CPI due to robust construction within the district, all while enrollment is declining?

FY23’s revenue of $133.6 million was $17.3 million higher than FY19 and yet the district still ran a multimillion dollar deficit in FY23 with 600-700 less students enrolled in the district.

The district doesn’t have a revenue problem.  It has a management problem.  And that extends to the Board members themselves if they can’t diagnose and fix the problem.

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