McHenry Township Republicans Elect Officer Replacement

From McHenry Township Republican Party:

McHenry County Township GOP Elects New Interim Vice Chairman

Following the resignation of Chris Schurrer because of career  demands, the McHenry Township GOP has elected Jacqueline Garretson as interim Vice Chairman ahead of the upcoming 2024 County Republican Caucus.

In a tight vote against Precinct Committeeperson Lisa Rodes, Jaqueline was voted in Tuesday Nov. 7, 2023 at the monthly GOP meeting.

McHenry Township Chairman Kirk Donald says, “We’re all grateful for the opportunity to work with a person with talent at this level, and County outreach. It’s time for McHenry County Republicans to come together to protect our County from woke politics.”

Jacqueline Garretson  currently co-founder of the grassroot organization, McHenry County Conservatives United ( as well as a former staffer for the 2022 Tom DeVore Campaign for Attorney General.

Jacqueline Garretson and Tom DeVore.

Garretson has helped many conservative candidates locally with their campaigns as well as being the current PC for McHenry Township 13.

She is working with the McHenry County GOP to assist with the education & communication outreach and is “looking forward to the upcoming election cycle to help keep McHenry County Red.” 


McHenry Township Republicans Elect Officer Replacement — 12 Comments

  1. Why is this Lopez protected from any criticism of his postings when all other posts on this blog are able to be responded to? That’s the sign of a weak person in my opinion who think they have a First Amendment right but no one else has the right to comment against his opinion.

  2. Tim Ryan calls on Biden to quit.

    James Carville “How can any sane person say Biden’s age not an issue?”

    Dean Phillips says election results prove “We don’t have a Democratic Party problem. We have a Joe Biden problem.”

    Dr. Jill Stein enters 2024 race as Green Party candidate.

    Democrats in panic mode over Joe Biden (the most evil and corrupt president in US history).

    Vivek was right.

    They’re just going to run this guy through the primary and cruise on incumbency, and then rug pull him some time near the convention and put someone else in.

    The idea is that Democratic voters won’t get a say and there will be no scrutiny of said replacement.

    It’s a way to bypass the entire election.

    They don’t care about their voters’ opinions anyway.

    All their larping about democracy is fake.

    Democrats say democracy is dangerous to democracy which is why they counter signal the campaigns and potential campaigns of people such as Cornell West, Robert Kennedy Jr., Jill Stein, Dean Phillips, and Joe Manchin. Democrats already rigged the 2016 and 2020 primary for their establishment puppet candidates Clinton and Biden. Of course they will do so again.

  3. You can comment on Lopez’s posts, just not anonymously (but he will hide your identity on request.)

    If you are unwilling to do so, that reflects badly on you.

  4. No one has a first amendment right to be heard on this blog.

    The government cannot shut it down or control speech here, but the owner can.

    It is a private medium, and you cannot demand space here any more than you can on the front page of your favorite newspaper.

  5. If you don’t like truth, Jive, you have a lot of options out there.

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