Woodstock Hobby Farmer Makes Front Page of the Sunday Tribune in Article about Canadian Forest Fire Smoke

There’s a huge article in the Chicago Tribune today about the miserable air quality this past summer throughout the Midwest.

Woodstock Environmental Defenders of McHenry County member Jesica Beverly is featured as she tells of the health problems she noticed in her chickens and horses.

My CPAP machine told the story for me.

Here is my super-duper CPAP filter after a summer of sleeping in Crystal Lake. It started out white.

And that only captured the pollutants while I was in bed.

The rest of the day, we all breathed in air that looked like this:

Smokey air on June 28, 2023, while getting cheaper gasoline in Wisconsin.

As luck would have it, June 28th was the worst day of the summer, according to the Tribune article:


Woodstock Hobby Farmer Makes Front Page of the Sunday Tribune in Article about Canadian Forest Fire Smoke — 13 Comments

  1. I’m not going to quibble over a little smoke vs. the long-term benefits of the liberal hellscape called Canada burning down.

  2. Just paid 2.77 a gallon across the border in Kentucky, got home and paid 3.47 here.

    Thanks JB

  3. Again as i stated before someone like Truedeu should be held accountable for not doing anything during this crisis..

    Mr. 500.00 $ cheese head … his own people can’t stand him.. just like we have here… losers.. you think any of these libtard politicians would stand up to him NOT!

    all the same… only out for themselves.

  4. I don’t for a second believe that smoke was just caused by a forest fire.

    It was chemical warfare against the people.

    I don’t believe that wood smoke smells like plastic and teleports hundreds of miles in the opposite direction of the wind.

  5. Go on, I’m listening… Don’t pull a JT on me now.

    Chemical warfare by whom?

    To what end?

    Was this just a scam to sell more CPAP filters?

    Come down from your ivory tower and enlighten the poor, dirty ignorant masses.

  6. If y’all don’t think we are under attack, you are delusional.

    All part of the OWO.

  7. By whom? The henchmen who are actually doing the deed have names we don’t know but are part of groups that hurt people or at least under those groups’ commands. There is no shortage of anti-natalists and people talking about “sustainable” population numbers. Probably the CIA or some other deep state organ. I’m sure there are NGOs and private contractors involved too. That’s a very head-in-the-sand response of you by the way that reminds me of some interactions I’ve had with dull voters. “You’re telling me people are doing bad things? Who? What people? You’re telling me someone would just try to hurt me? No, people don’t do bad things. And if they did we would know who they are.” Oh. Ok I guess nothing bad is happening and there are no secretive groups who conspire, who hurt the masses, and do things for their benefit because I can’t give you a first and last name of black ops operating in Canada. /eye roll/

    To what end? Depopulation, soft kill, lowering the life expectancy to balance social security trust fund without having to make cuts or raise taxes, giving people diseases to be sold medicine later for profit, keep the climate change psy-op going to get more control over your life, etc.

    All the basic evil stuff you’d expect.

    I was not born yesterday, Poopcorn.

    I’ve been around long enough to have experienced several large forest fires that spread smoke across the continent, and I’m not the only one who noticed the chemical smell last summer.

    So, you can go take your questions to social media and ask the thousands of people who all noticed the same thing, including firefighters.

    They might have more insight than I have.

    Also, I’ve seen enough things that were once referred to as conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

    That counts for something.

    I won’t entertain any more of your bad faith & sarcastic questions in this thread but will end this comment by pointing out that governments literally have poisoned people in the past, including their own citizens.

    Governments and businesses and NGOs also lie to the people they pretend to serve.

    The world is run by a small group of psychopaths.

    Maybe if Fat Mike from NOFX delivered this message to you you’d be more receptive.

    Hopefully you will keep an open mind to the *idea* that people who have lots of power loathe you.

  8. “Depopulation, soft kill, lowering the life expectancy” Ugh, jesus christ.

    Well if that’s their mission, god speed!!

    And how can I do my part?? Capitalism comes to save the day once again, we don’t want to lose money paying taxes, but we will spend lots of money to kill lots of people.

    Since everyone in the world seems to be against us and are conspiring together in this “wildfire” debacle I think I have to hand it to them, they’ve seem to have a pretty unified front.

    Me, I’m just lil’ ol’ Poopcorn,

    I don’t have Rockefeller oil money and I don’t have NGO contractors at my beck and call so…I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with all this information Correcting, I’m at a loss.

  9. “Also, I’ve seen enough things that were once referred to as conspiracy theories turn out to be true.”

    Examples, please.

  10. And there we have it: Poopcorn goal post change from “that’s fake” to “well i can’t do nothing about it.” Great. I’ll accept your concession. I didn’t intend on people “doing” something with it when I initially commented.

    I was just saying I don’t believe it was a natural forest fire.

    Most information you receive in general is not something you can “do something” with.

    I believe that knowing the truth, or at least dispelling with false narratives, has its own inherent value absent of the information’s utility and “doing something” with it.

    Monk, you could find double digit # just on COVID alone. Russiagate. Golf of Tonkin.

    I would suggest that if you DON’T believe in “conspiracy theories” (at least some of them, some of the time) then there is something the matter with you!

    It was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest Tom Brady’s Patriots team was cheating…

    until it was proven that they were. They suck this year by the way. See? Even Bill Bellicheats can’t help them.

  11. You are a PARANOID whack-job.

    You’ve based this on NOTHING besides, “smoke smells bad”.

    Yeah, its not GOOD.

  12. “noooooo the government would never hurt me. The government would never lie to me. But I’m such a counterculture rebel hashtag resist. You can’t just value the truth for the sake of truth being inherently good you have to tell me how I can do something about forest fires in Canada reeeeeeeee”

    I’d rather be called a “whack job” than be a moron like you.

    100 percent effective “vaccine” LOL

    mr anti capitalist got nothing to say about health policy being dictated by huge pharma corporations LOL

    You left-libs are such phonies.

    You probably don’t even know that most of these fires were manmade, not a result of “climate change.”

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