Could Texas Govenor Greg Abbott Have Envisioned the Democratic Party Turmoil Sending Chicago Migrants Would Cause?

Take a look at this description by WTTW of the result of Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s busing border crossers to Chicago:


Could Texas Govenor Greg Abbott Have Envisioned the Democratic Party Turmoil Sending Chicago Migrants Would Cause? — 8 Comments

  1. Sending them to the northern cities was a genius move.

    It’s like what happened at an employer of mine back in the day.

    There were about four employees that were on the call list to the city’s police department for after-hours access and alarms.

    Our burglar alarm was old school with motion sensing but no infrared, and started throwing alarms left and right.

    Some of us were getting up in wee hours once or twice per week, and begged the owner to replace with a new, modern system.

    He continued to refuse, not understanding why it was a problem, as he wasn’t the one taking 3AM calls.

    The owner never quite made it in rotation to the top of the call list until one week when the rest of us were away or on vacation.

    It took only two calls rousting him out of bed to convince him to get a new system.

    That’s why bussing them right into the heart of the Sanctuary City demographic works.

    They’ve kept declaring that open borders aren’t a problem.

    NOW they know they were wrong.

  2. Abbot is still flooding the country with animals and not shooting them!

  3. I caught my first ‘endangered’ Texas Timber Rattlesnake on my property Saturday.

    I’m inexperienced in such matters so my first thought, was to ship him to Chicago’s Sanctuary, Eco-minded, Democrat Mayor.

    He’ll know what to do here…..

  4. Stop blaming Gov of Texas you jealous cause he is a problem solver?

    you need to blame the libtards in office not my president dumbo and his crew for breaking the laws which include the ones who made our cities Sanctuary of which No One was asked to vote on..

    just pay the tax dollars is all these law breakers care about …

    shove it down our throats..

    that is who made the mess !

    your own elected politicians..

    it means something when you Vote and here are your results chaos!

    law breaking…

    swamp rats ..

    passing the blame on…

    no accountabiltiy i like to know when the Cheat vote begins which is why they are doing this who is going to be the balance on the checks?

    to see where all these votes are coming from will be interesting if they succeed on their quest for the cheating illegal votes i.e. to see 1500 all at one hotel address…

    will be interesting can’t speak a word of english but they will be told to vote!!!

    for sure..

    these libtards think they are going to pull another fast one…

    NOT.. !

    they are using these bodies. These losers will no doubt bring a self addressed envelope to them make sure they put the mark under libtard! then mail for them.

  5. Seems like the time to ask the voters was BEFORE Lightfoot the libtard opened her big mouth.

    But then, remember the lesbian said she had “the biggest dick in Chicago”.

    Open mouth…insert foot (12″ worth).

  6. Abbot just another punk, like JB Fatjew.

    Get rid of all of them and line up machine gun nests on the border.

    Invaders will stop invading pronto.

  7. Bottom line, everyone still thinks Abbott is playing some political game, NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

    Texas currently has 1,850,000 illegals and yes I do mean over 1 million, NYC has 130,000, you Democrats seem to think that Texas should be the entry port for Biden’s illegal human trafficking business he and his cartel partners are running as part of his Build Back Better Agenda.

    Texas is not a sanctuary state and if NYC whines a cries about 120,000 think about that Dumbocrats.

    It’s time you idiots were held accountable for your vote!

  8. what were we supposed to do, keep 10 million illegals in Texas?

    I don’t think so.

    We were NEVER a sanctuary state.

    New York bragged about being sanctuary as did Chicago, Denver. and all California so that’s where they would have to go so that Biden could flood America with this problem he wanted to happen.

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