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Biden’s Economy Is Amazing. Why Doesn’t He Get Credit?

Kirk Swearingen, Salon

Biden’s Food Inflation Crushes Household Budgets

Steve Cortes, Substack

Both articles found on Real Clear Politics.

The Epoch Times columnist Jeffrey Tucker elaborates:

He points out that three years of inflation “permanently and deeply wounds the standard of living for everyone.”

In the last year, the Consumer Price Index has increased 3.6%.

“The dollar has lost an astonishing 20 cents of its value (domestically, in terms of its exchange ratio with goods and services) from three years ago. And it will continue to decline. No coincidence here: there is a direct correlation with expansion of the money stock,” Tucker continues.

“My friends all had a good laugh over this hilarious headline in Vox: ‘The problem isn’t inflation. It’s prices.’

“It’s funny because inflation is all about prices.

“There is no separating the two…

“even if inflation falls to stay at zero percent, prices themselves will not fall.

“An inflation rate of zero does not mean that we go back to 2019 prices. It means that existing prices are the new normal.”

And that is President Joe Biden’s problem.

As Tucker puts it, “We are permanently worse off.:

Biden used a firehose to increase money supply, which increased prices, and there is no way to push it back in.


Real Clear Politics Points to Articles, One Asks a Question the Next One Answers — 5 Comments

  1. Biden is the current hoser. Trump, the former. Long line of hosers.

  2. RCP aggregates opinion pieces.

    You will see one article saying one thing, another saying the opposite.

    Cortes is a Republican.

    Salon is a left-lib site.

    It’s a decent format so you can read differing views.

    They also report polls and do polling averages.

    Great site, but some of our readers will be mad there is nothing about UFOs or chemtrails.

    If you’re looking for that, it’s not the site for you.

    If you are into politics and policy, it’s a good site.

    I use it almost daily.

  3. LOFL Correcting. Chem trails is what Monk exudes after a bong hit as he then stares out his window looking for UFOs or starlink satellites.

    I agree with Tucker. If Trump gets in and fixes this it will take 14+ years to fix what the stolen election has created. Retirees will pay the price

  4. We saw a recently launched Starlink cluster of satellites pass over in the dusk sky waiting for the fireworks to begin in Lakemoor this past summer.

    There’s a geek site that tracks launches so you can spot them.

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