Sosnowski Reports

From State Rep. Joe Sosnowski:

This week from Springfield

As we wrapped up the final week of session for the year, I wanted to share with you what came from the two week session this Fall.


  • Nuclear: A Nuclear deal was passed to allow for future permitting and construction of small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs), helping to pre-plan for the terrible energy crisis looming because Democrats have killed baseload energy production in Illinois.
  • Professional Licensing: House Republicans have been demanding changes to the way professional licenses are issued for months to help address crushing workforce shortages. Temporary assistance was given to IDFPR to accommodate a portion of professional licenses terribly delayed. While not a permanent fix, any forward progress gets more Illinoisans to work more quickly. 
  • Farm Mutual Insurance: A critical fix was delivered for farm mutual insurance policyholders. Rural farm mutual policyholders were successful in advocating one of the only bipartisan fixes delivered during the Fall Veto Session.

What was left on the floor

Week Two of the Fall Veto Session was characterized more by what the Supermajority failed to deliver instead of what they did deliver. Meanwhile, Governor Pritzker during the Fall Veto Session ignored the problems facing Illinois families, in order to continue his most important role- national political kingmaker.

  • Invest in Kids Act: Speaker Chris Welch refused to call the Invest in Kids renewal, essentially killing the popular program that helps underprivileged students throughout Illinois.
  • School Board Elections: Democrats failed to deliver a solution to Chicago voters eager to elect their own school board, showing those back home that they can only count on dysfunction from the legislators they send to Springfield.
  • Israel: The Illinois House, under Welch’s leadership, failed to take a stand affirming the State of Illinois stands with Israel and, tragically, remained silent on the terrorism perpetrated by Hamas.
  • Corruption: Not a peep was made by the politicians controlling the legislature in Springfield about corruption. In the middle of the Burke Trial and in a week that saw a top Pritzker-appointee plead guilty to charges related to mismanaging taxpayer dollars, Supermajority Democrats don’t even feel the need to pretend they care about ethics reform anymore.


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  1. Not really. Look at him boo hooing about Israel.

    Why are they trying to have a vote about Israel?

    Since when did individual states craft foreign policy?

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