McHenry County Dems Seem Behind Bill Foster’s Re-Election

Check out the relevant portion of tonight’s McHenry County Democratic Central Committee:


McHenry County Dems Seem Behind Bill Foster’s Re-Election — 23 Comments

  1. Of course!

    The “Climate Change” fascists have a scam to promote and activate.

  2. Cal. Why do you continue to allow the TX Mexican Lopez to post with impunity? Just curious Marc. Jews spell Mark with a C. Are you hiding your Jewish heritage? Did Gracie make you convert to Catholicism to marry her? LOFL

  3. Abe, why was John Kerry our climate czar sitting at the table with Xi today. LOL

  4. Did they split the bill or did they do separate checks? How well did they tip?

  5. Checkem Cal. Boom!

    “Pro-Palestinian and Hamas Supporters are currently Rioting at the Headquarters for the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C, the Demonstrators have Blocked the Main Entrance of the Building as well as the nearby Road so D.C. Capital Police and Metro Police are now using Tear Gas and Force to Remove them from the Property.”

    If you want to see replies replace “twitter dot com” in the link with “nitter dot net”

    “Muh elbow kidney muh markwayne”

    lol “Republican civil war” but Democratic voters are storming the Democratic headquarters right now XD

  6. 6 police injured by “pro-palestinian protesters”

    Casten evacuated

    “I was just evacuated from the @dccc office after the building was surrounded by protestors who had blocked all modes of ingress and egress. Grateful to Capitol Police for getting all members and staff out safely. To the protestors: PLEASE don’t do something irresponsible /1”

    “You have the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and protest. But blocking all entries to a building with multiple members of Congress in it, protected by Capitol Police officers who have lived through January 6 is putting you and other innocent people at risk. /2”

    “We were rescued by armed officers who did not know the protestors’ intent; they knew only that Members of Congress were inside, could not leave and that protestors would not let police through. Forcing police to guess intent is irresponsible and dangerous. /3”

    “I am grateful for the USCP’s professionalism and that all were safely evacuated. I’m also keenly aware that it could have been much worse. Americans have a right to assemble and protest. But PLEASE do so at a safe distance and respect local police orders. /fin”

  7. Those stuck in the Q psy op have no clue how to break out.

    They use tRumpty rallies to numb their brains.

    When’s the next General Flynn Awaken America full immersion baptism for cultists?

  8. Ok this will be the last one

    Are Correcting and JT the same person?


    Doxxing and making remarks about peoples’ families are slimy actions.

  9. Jews, Mexicans, drag, and Blacks

    Present in a bigot’s daily attacks

    Nothing actually based in facts

    Product of self esteem he lacks

  10. No, Stan. They are DEFINITELY NOT! I also believe that one is a female.

  11. “Doxxing and making remarks about peoples’ families are slimy actions.” but the are justified in their higher christian morality

  12. ummm I have called JT out for his personal behavior both publicly and privately with Skinner and Lopez and I have disagreed with him on substance a lot, and probably disagreed with him more strongly and before most people on this blog did so, so please never say such RIDICULOUS crap again, StanD.

    I am highly offended and annoyed.

    Here’s what happened: I left a series of comments but only the last one showed up last night and it was around the same time JT left his last comment, so I understand how you might have thought it was peculiar timing, but it was solely due to the blog acting weird.

    Please stop it with the conspiracy theories.

    We don’t even sound anything alike bro you pissing me off with this Stan.

  13. Now you did it Stan. You pissed of the dean of the blog. He is butt hurt and offended. LOL

    Being offended is nothing more than a whine. Get over it puss boy.

  14. Don’t worry Correcting. Once God calls Cal which I hope isn’t anytime soon you can team up with Marc with a C Avelar / John Lopez and implement his ban to several posters on an open forum that live in McHenry County. Maybe he will make Gracie an admin too.

    It’s actually fun that Captain TES Avelar’s horse Desantis is now in 4th place in NH. Marc’s echo chamber of truth certainly picks winners. Well it’s an IL echo chamber of truth so that makes it even worse. A little over a year left on his mental health board appointment in Dundee township. That’ll give him more time to cultivate more than 361 followers on X.

    And StanD, when you post your life all over the internet like a low IQ fool, it is not a personal attack on a person or his family. It’s called responding to your internet persona that you freely and openly post for the masses to see and read. Stick with reading the libune – the bastion of truth for IL residents.

  15. Since I do not believe that Qasim Rajid poses much of a threat to Bill Foster”s re-election, I will consider supporting Republican Hindu Indian candidate Krishna Bansal of Naperville in the Republican primary for the Illinois 11th Congressional district, if Republicans don’t want to or can’t find a scientist or engineer to run against Bill Foster.

    That is, if I decide against my natural inclination to write-in vote for Republican physicist Mike Foster,…

    …which I most definitely would do, were I residing in the Illinois 6th Congressional district, against Delia Ramirez, who is useless in supporting Fermilab, other than voting in favor of it as a party-line vote, because Delia Ramirez is clueless about physics and engineering, or other STEM subjects.

    Krishna Bansal seems tech-savvy enough to at least know how and with whom to consult regarding the needs of Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory, if the math, physics, chemistry, engineering or engineering tech is over his head.

    Furthermore, he would get along fine with the leaders & staff of ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, and other Indian scientific & engineering institutes.

    Hindus are typically pretty in astronomy, math, engineering & physics to begin with, because the Hindu religion is very much based on principles of astronomy & astrophysics, math, physics & engineering, as can be readily seen in the architecture of their ancient temples.

    I get along great with Indians, in general (whether Hindi, Sikh or Muslim) because they are intelligent, inventive & nice people, so I will also support Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi in the Illinois 8th Congressional district, as he has a degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton, in addition to his law degree, and I like his personality and intellect.

    I know little about the newly-announced Mark Rice from his new campaign website. His corporate website says little about him, personally, other than linking to a somewhat vague LinkedIn page, but the website gives some hints about the origins of his family and their business efforts, as well as staff photographs & names, here:

    It is difficult at this time for me to say whether this Mark Rice is just an investor, or if he also has any engineering, technology or scientific background. I do not immediately see indicators of his education, training or experience background. He is just referred to as an “entrepreneur”, at least at first blush.

    So I will remain open to learning more about this Mark Rice, especially because he is in the energy business and so hopefully has some knowledge of energy principles and power production, since I am a physicist.

    Hopefully, when he gets his campaign more fleshed-out, he will state his positions on Fermilab and Argonne, and whether or not he can be counted upon to support them, and STEM education & training, in general.

    However, at this time I will consider myself a Krishnamoorthi supporter, since I know where he stands, and also because I am a well-known friend of the Indian people, as I very much enjoy Vedic astronomy and mythology, and I am good friends with many Indian scientists & engineers. (Plus, I have a great fondness for tasty, spicy Indian food, and I love cows and dairy products.)

    I, of course, have nothing against Jewish scientists & engineers, nor against Jewish people, in general,…

    …but I also having nothing against Iranian or Persian scientists & engineers, either.

    Both are very good, technically, and are intelligent peoples.

    So I am officially neutral with respect to the two, so as to remain friends with decent friends on both sides of their ethno-religious national conflict, and to support the plethora of minority peoples in that larger region, like Zoroastrians, Kurds, etc.

    I have Pakistani friends, too, so just because I get on well with Indians, does not preclude friendships or acquaintances with anyone.

    In general, I try to refrain from picking sides in ethnic or religious conflicts.

    Rather, I just point out and decrease behaviors that I don’t like or approve of, like drinking alcohol or treating women badly, or treating animals badly.

    So while I am not myself a Zionist, because Mount Zion is not relevant to me at all, personally, I understand why people feel attached to it and want to call that region “home”.

    It’s just not my personal fight, so I try to stay out of it, and try to encourage everyone to get along, as best as possible, and try to discourage people from bullying, harassing or picking on others.

    I may have missed it on the grapevines, but I have yet to learn of any voice of support of Fermilab by Jerry Evans.

    Jerry Evans lives not far from Fermilab, so I am not sure why he hasn’t come out in support of it.

    I do not see how Jerry Evans can hope to represent the Illinois 11th Congressional district, without supporting Fermilab — especially as he resides in Warrenville.

    Especially, since it was Republicans who got the lab going, in the first place — back in the days when scientists & engineers supported Republicans, and vice-versa.

    So while I am of course open to hearing from Jerry Evans at any time…

    …and Jerry Evans is welcome to call me, anytime…

    …and while I may still write in Mike Fortner if no Republican publicly comes out in support of Fermilab…

    …I will probably, in the not-too-distant future, just pick up the phone and call Krishna Bansal, directly, to see if he is seriously running, and just where he stands with respect to supporting Fermilab and its spin-offs and allied industries & businesses & educational ventures.

    I’m fine with the local Hindu temples & organizations, and with folks of Indian extraction, in general.

    Krishna Bansal is on the leadership team of the U.S. Republican Hindu Organization, so I should be able to have a friendly and respectful conversation with him.

    Bill Foster knows that, as a physicist and former Fermilab D-Zero muon team member, I strongly and naturally support the work being done at Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory, no matter what I do.

    He will, therefore, appreciate any outreach efforts on my part to encourage support for the labs and for physics & engineering and space exploration, in general, and so will not mind, I am sure.

  16. Dawn. Maybe you should stick to posting white papers in you peer reviewed journals where other “scientists” on the taxpayer teet figure out new and creative ways to fleece money from taxpayers

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