Critique of Crystal Lake High School Board’s Failure to Adjust for 23% Enrollment Decline Since 2010

A comment rom CPA Scott Coffey, former President of the Cary Grade School Board and unsuccessful candidate for the District 155 School Board in 2019:

Time To Dust Off D155 Report Predicting Enrollment Decline

The district was warned 6-7 years ago in their own study that their declining enrollment and aging facilities was going to create a problem.

The tax levy continues to be increased to the maximum allowed under the law even though enrollment continues to decline.

Scott Coffey

In 2010, enrollment stood at 7,003.

Since then, it is down about 23% to 5,405 in 2023.

Today’s enrollment now stands at where the district was in 2000. And the annual downward trend continues.

The district has spent $54.5 Million over just the last 5 years in Capital Outlay.

The warning the District’s own report identified years ago, is coming to fruition.

The District is burning cash way out of proportion to any other district in the county in order to maintain an unaffordable operating structure.

Right now, they are spending 1 of every 9 dollars they collect from the levy, every year, on fixing aged, broken, out-of-date, obsolete, half vacant buildings.

Perhaps its time to dust off that report and implement the recommendation to seriously evaluate whether 4 schools are needed anymore.


Critique of Crystal Lake High School Board’s Failure to Adjust for 23% Enrollment Decline Since 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. The teachers union marshalled more votes and elected all of its candidates.

  2. He did have an unsuccessful run for school board.

    He should be encouraged to run again.

    He is a great asset.

    We need him involved.

  3. The total number of first graders in D47 and D26 is 960.

    Add in the local parochial schools, and you get up to about 1,050.

    That implies the total potential enrollment for D155 in ten years is around 4,200, down another 20% from 2022-23.

    Peak enrollment was about 7,000 in 2009-2010.

    That means that today the schools are operating at no more than about 75% of capacity.

    District 155 spent $26,671 per student in fiscal year 2023, up 54% since FY 2014.

    Enrollment dropped 20% in that period.

    The student-to-employee ratio was 7.8 last year, up 19% since 2013-2014.

  4. Perhaps more illegals and Section 8 housing would increase enrollment numbers?

    Free meals and babysitting are big draws in public schools.

    See Woodstock, McHenry, LITH’s and Harvard for confirmation.

  5. We need to get rid of the odd-numbered year elections.

    The turnout is always low, and it’s far too easy for well organized groups like teachers’ unions or township stooges to get enough of their supporters to the polls to win.

  6. Billy Bob, right you are. How about no elections except for presidential years.

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