Schakowsky on Toys

From Algonquin Township’s Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky:


Toys should bring joy to kids, not harm. For 38 years, the Illinois PIRG Education Fund (PIRG) has released the Trouble in Toyland report, which has resulted in federal legislation and many corrective actions by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and toy manufacturers.

As a longtime consumer advocate in Congress, who most recently passed legislation to help prevent the sale of stolen, dangerous, and counterfeit products online, I am proud to continue my work with Illinois PIRG to improve the safety of toys and other children’s products.

This year’s report, which focuses on smart toys, is extremely timely given the rise of artificial intelligence. Protections must be put in place to safeguard the privacy and personal information of consumers. 

We must reign in the excessive power of companies and further empower the CPSC to improve product safety and better protect consumers and children. To report a dangerous product or to check if a product has been recalled, go to


Schakowsky on Toys — 5 Comments

  1. Next to animal abuse, accepting free toys from Democrats, is the most reliable predictor of a child’s future as a serial axe murderer.

  2. “Rite, wot? I wer jes havin a wee piss affer a few pints, di’nt know it was an opera house an’ all that. No arm meant, I’ll jus move on to the next Pub”.

  3. What about harm monstress Schackowski causes kids with her sick lgb and transgender agenda?

  4. Voters should rein in Schakowsky, who wants to “reign in the excessive power of companies”!

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