Particulate from Coal-Fired Electric Plants Deadly, Same Problem with Canadian Forest Fire Smoke

The Chicago Tribune piggybacked on a study published in “Science.”

Here’s the part about Canadian soot:

“…the spread of smoke from Canadian wildfires during the summer provided a vivid example of how soot pollution can make the air so dirty that even healthy people have trouble breathing, said Francesca Dominici, a Harvard biostatistics professor who contributed to the study and previously linked soot exposure to COVID-19 deaths.”

CPAP super filter after five months in Crystal Lake, originally white.


Particulate from Coal-Fired Electric Plants Deadly, Same Problem with Canadian Forest Fire Smoke — 11 Comments

  1. Growing up on the South Side, we knew we had a good hard practice, when we all had sore throats, from heavy breathing all the sulphur steel mill pollution for a few hours.

    We were a harder people than.

  2. Smoke & ash from burning fresh, natural wood & grass, and smoke & ash from burning coal, are related but different problems, due to the chemistry & impurities involved.

    Also, not all coal is “created equal”.

    Organic life on Earth is carbon-based.

    That is a fact of life on this planet.

    That is why God created HEPA filtration technology.

    The filter photo should be taken in context: the filtration would need to be analyzed for content against previous years, under the same operating conditions.

    As observant folks who have regularly replaced their home heating furnace filter(s) and air purifier filters, one has to consider both environmental factors, and also the age, efficiency, technology & health of the home furnace, itself, if there is one.

    When I was a kid out on Getty Rd, our ancient oil-fired furnace belched out awful soot. It got everywhere, and was very unhealthy.

    Smoke bothers me, but not as bad as molds, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) & fungi do.

    Forests burn, and prairie grasses burning. It is part of the Earth’s natural cycles of refreshing the topsoil and growing fresh trees & grass.

    That’s why God created your lungs, in the first place, to absorb the oxygen, get rid of carbon dioxide & excess water vapor, and to filter out the gunk, as best as possible.

    Those who smoked cigarettes in their younger years, and find themselves obliged to use CPAP machines in their elder years, can contemplate by looking at their dirty filters, as to what their tar-and-nicotine-stained lung tissue must have looked like, on the inside.

    Then, the light bulbs might go on in their heads, as to why folks like me always complained about being forced to breathe in their second-hand smoke. 😉

    And why people complained about automobile tailpipe exhaust smog. 😉

    So choose your choices of liberty & freedom, thoughtfully.

  3. Can we file damage lawsuits against the milquetoast Canadian prime minister?

    Piss poor forest management.

  4. Don’t EVs require burning coal to be charged? Politicians creating more problems as usual.

  5. To be fair, the Science Lady is just a product of an agrarian society, that’s still fearful and superstitious of today’s modern industrial smokestacks.

  6. Pillow soaked with your tRiGGeReD tears again, Little Joey ?

  7. Abe, I’ve never been a sad pathetic victim. Have you? Oh that’s right, you have been burglarized. Couldn’t have happened to be a bigger turd than you. Are you man or mouse? We laugh at you loser. LOL.

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