UPDATEDx2: Republicans’ 2024 Keynote Speech Made by Congressman Kevin Kiley on the House Floor on Friday Exposing Gavin Newsom “Alternative Reality” and “Delusional” View of California Governance

Kevin Kiley
Gavin Newsom

Blistering critique of Democratic policies at the state level in California shows the blueprint to prove leftist policies in states and Washington do not work

On Friday, after the U.S. House completed its legislative business including voting to expel now ex-Congressman George Santos (R, NY-03), Congressman Kevin Kiley (R, CA-03) took to the floor of the House and delivered a substantive, issues & metric oriented speech concerning leftist/progressive Democratic policies in general, and California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in particular.

UPDATE December 13, 8:27AM CST:

Newsom is at it again. He hasn’t learned his lesson, yet, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) thumped him in their head-to-head debate of November 30th and Congressman Kiley’s speech on the House floor the following day.

Earlier this week, Newsom went on Brian Tyler Cohen’s No Lie! podcast and said this of Florida and Texas and taxes by their respective Republican governors in his 𝕏 post early Monday evening:

Congressman Kiley didn’t waste time sending out another one of his blistering fact checks on Newsom Monday night via 𝕏, transcribed below even mentioning Illinois:

Kevin Kiley

“The depth of the dishonesty here is truly incredible, even for Newsom. Using his own extremely bizarre methodology, you could make the exact same claim not just about ‘Republican led states like Florida and Texas’ but also Democrat states like Hawaii, Illinois, and Washington.

“Here’s what Newsom has done. First, he took his data from a report of a left-wing think tank published in 2018, before he was governor. Then, he selected a very specific metric: overall tax burden as a percentage of family income. Then comes the real trick: an apples-to-oranges comparison, comparing California’s high-earners to Florida’s low-earners.

“Newsom casts this apples-to-oranges comparison as a way to show one state is rich-friendly and the other is poor-friendly. But in fact, it’s an accounting trick. Low-earners in any state will naturally pay a larger percent of their income on gas and sales taxes; after all, they have less income. A billionaire, by contrast, has so much income that the amount spent on gas taxes is a very small fraction of it. This is why Florida’s overall tax burden of 12.6 percent for the lowest wage group is pretty typical, and in fact much lower than deep blue Hawaii and Washington’s.

“In any true apples-to-apples comparison, California loses. Even using Newsom’s own data, lower and middle-class Floridians pay less of their income in taxes than lower and middle-class Californians; and wealthy Floridians also pay less of their income in taxes than wealthy Californians. This is why overall taxes average $10,167 per person in California and only $5,406 in Florida.

“And that is only part of the story. California has the third-highest cost of living in the country thanks to government regulations, fees, restrictions, mandates and other regressive policies. This amounts to a huge additional tax on food, energy, housing, food, and everything else. It’s why California has the third-worst inequality in the country. It’s why California has the highest real poverty rate in the country. It’s why last year, California workers saw their wages grow less than in any state in the country. And it’s why the California Exodus is all-too-real, not a ‘Fox News myth’ as Newsom asserts.

“Putting these indisputable facts aside, anyone who is part of the working or middle-class in California, or knows someone who is, can tell you just how difficult it is to get by in our state. For Newsom to try to conceal that basic reality of life with shameless sophistry, all to score partisan points, is just another example of why he is America’s worst governor.”

Congressman Kevin Kiley 𝕏 post, December 11, 9:27PM CST


======= END OF UPDATE =======

In just under 30 minutes, with facts, Kiley effective laid out the case why the Democrats cannot win a 2nd term in the White House, whether the Democratic nominee is President Biden (age 81), Vice President Kamala Harris (age 59) or Newsom (age 56).

Taking from the horrible performance of Governor Newsom in his head-to-head debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and citing specifically where Governor Newsom was wrong, including Kiley pointing out how Newsom misused numbers, basically comparing apples-to-oranges that many of our more analytically minded readers of McHenry County Blog will appreciate.

To be clear and for the record, Congressman Kiley is neutral in the Republican presidential contest of 2024 and his purpose both on debate night and on the floor of the House on Friday was NOT to campaign for Governor DeSantis or any other Republican candidate running for President next year.

Kiley’s speech should be the blueprint for Republicans nationally and in every state how to defeat the Democrats on the issues. Leave Trump, DeSantis, Nikki Haley and any other presidential candidate out of this, for now.

Since the speech is long, here’s an outline with time stamps for McHenry County Blog viewers to cue to the specific portion of Kiley’s speech:

  • Introduction/opening statement (cued)
  • Ten Issues Newsom effectively fact-checked by Kiley
    • I. “California Exodus”, out-migration 2:23 time stamp
      • Newsom distorting numbers 4:45
    • II. COVID in California 5:43
    • III. Homelessness 9:52
    • IV. Education 12:02
    • V. Gasoline Prices 13:14
    • VI. Taxes 14:41
    • VII. Economy 16:14
      • California budget deficit truth 17:51
    • VIII. Border/Immigration/Closing ICE facilities 18:25
      • Sanctuary state policy of California 20:43
    • IX. Crime 22:26
    • X. Personal Freedom 24:40
      • Newsom signing CA AB5 25:29
    • Closing 26:21

With the notes and the speech outline, listen to all of it from McHenry County Blog (so YouTube ads won’t hit you) on your commute to work, home or at the gym.


Note from John Lopez: Republicans have been criticized for not having younger talent within elected office at the federal, state or local level. Congressman Kiley is a Millennial (age 38, turns 39 at end of next month).

Prior to his election to Congress last year, he served 3 terms in the Republican superminority of the California Assembly.

Kiley currently chairs the House Workforce Protection Subcommittee of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, and also serves on the House Judiciary Committee.


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From Dawn Marie Müller, December 4, 2023, 11:42PM CST

Kevin Kiley attended Harvard and Yale for his B.A. and J.D., with an M.A. at Loyala Marymount University in between.  His father was a physician and his mother was a special education teacher, per Kiley’s Wikipedia page.

His CA 3rd Congressional District turf includes Inyo County, home to Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO), which is managed & operated by CalTech [California Institute of Technology], and the Extended Owens Valley Solar Array (EOVSA), a project of the Center for Solar-Terrestrial Sciences and the Space Weather Institute of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

I use the solar radio & microwave data produced by that facility, and would be delighted to actually live there, so it might be of interest for me to know something of Mr. Kiley, as his credentials are good and he is noted as a skilled debater on his Wikipedia sketch.

Since Mr. Lopez took the time and effort to write his introduction and create his video timeline, I will make the effort to watch the video.

While I appreciate Mr. Lopez’s enthusiastic boosting of Congressman Kiley’s floor speech critiquing Gavin Newsom’s debate performance and facts, I will first, before watching the recommended video, make the following comment.

I will make here an initial comment as a politically independent-minded maverick who is presently indifferent to Gavin Newsom, never having had much cause to study him, other than that my adult daughter completed a 1-yr surgical fellowship and her general surgery board certification requirements at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in San Francisco during the time period of the nerve-wracking, life-threatening, god-awful and terrifying conjunction of COVID, ANTIFA riots and California wildfires there.

If anyone ought to be critical of the governance of San Francisco and California, it should be my daughter, not me, as she had to actually try to live and stay alive thru it.

I was just her worried-to-death mother, fretting from afar, in Crystal Lake.

With that in mind, I will try here to be my usual rationally-minded, level-headed, calm, cool and as collected-as-possible as a person in my situation can be, independent-minded maverick self.

The problem with California is one of a need to look at the distribution of pearls and diamonds scattered amidst the swine and muck.

You cannot just look at the poop.

You also have to assess the precious metals and the gems.

In order to win national financial support to attract and support a good chunk of the world’s highest caliber of physicists, chemists, geologists and engineers, the State of California has been obliged to simultaneously feed and house a large voting population of masses of mostly low-performing Hispanic Latin Americans, Mestizos, Chicanos and Indigenous from historically Roman Catholic colonized impoverished and lawless areas of California, Mexico and Central America, under the agitating influence of radical leftist Communists networks including Freedom Road Socialist Organization and its predecessor, splinter and spin-off organizations, and the influence of violent Latin, Asian and African-American street gang culture.

Despite these immense and significant social challenges…

Stanford, Berkeley, Caltech & UCLA continue to be global powerhouses in engineering & physics, and particularly in aerospace & space engineering and space sciences.

I present here only one example:

Dr. Stuart D. Bale, Ph.D, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory

This one man’s brain and skills, alone, are worth so many billions of dollars, his value is essentially priceless.

It is important to remember that many of the essential academic & scientific research institutions in California were launched long before the detrimental influence of the influx of harmful drugs and violent criminal gangs took root in a serious way.

The fundamental problem in California is the influx of a proliferation of mind-harming, brain-damaging and soul-destroying intoxicating drugs and the proliferation of alcoholic beverages.

It is a merger of indigenous psychoactive drugs (cannabis, peyote, coca, etc.), Spanish Roman Catholic alcoholic beverages (wine, beer) and ethnic hybrid liquor (Tequila, etc.), plus the newer derivatives (cocaine) and synthetics (LSD, PCP, methamphetamine, etc.) and Asian imports (heroin, fentanyl).

This, combined with the violent Chicano, Latin and Black street gangs.

These problems go back to the 1960’s, before Gavin Newsom was even born.

Gavin Newsom is one year younger than I am.

So I am aware of the history.

Then, there was the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its breakout in San Francisco, among an already-entrenched population of drug-using homosexuals and other sexual variants, that emerged in 1981.

Gavin Newsom was 14 years old or so, at that time.

He did not start that giant mess.

Gavin Newsom graduated high school in 1989.

These socio-cultural problems are confounded by an increasingly dense population in a very desirable land with high real estate prices and a lack of affordable housing for everyone who has migrated to California for the favorable weather & climate and educational, job, entrepreneurial & investment opportunities.  (And drugs.)

Gavin Newsom did not create underlying problems faced by California.

Gavin Newsom was on the San Francisco board of supervisors from 1997-2004.

He inherited these problems, already deeply entrenched for four decades, while he was Mayor of San Francisco from 2004-2011.

Gavin Newsom was lieutenant governor from 2011-2019.

Gavin Newsom assumed the office of governor on January 7, 2019, less than a year before COVID began.

After it hit, he probably just followed the confusing and changing advice of the CDC, the California department of public health, UCSF infectious diseases & pulmonary & immunology scientists, UC-Davis biomedical scientists, Stanford environmental engineers, and the governor’s legal counsel from the California Attorney General, plus NASA/JPL & NASA/Ames and Vandenberg DOD federal input.

The George Floyd incident happened May 25th, 2020.

The California wildfires were such:

year | # fires | acres burned | hectares

2019 7,860 259,823           105,147

2020 9,639 4,397,809 1,779,730

2021 8,835 2,568,948 1,039,616

2022 7,490 362,455          146,680

Source:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_California_wildfires

Gavin Newsom did not run around and start all those fires.

The 2020-2021 burns were quite substantial, but CalFire firefighting was obviously greatly complicated by COVID.

Gavin Newsom studied political science on a partial baseball scholarship, at the private Jesuit college Santa Clara University.

He is not a scientist, engineer, physician or firefighter.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization launched the George Floyd riots.

This Communist uprising was planned long before Gavin Newsom ever got into office as governor, by the Chicago-Minneapolis leadership axis and their branch leader in Los Angeles, whose name is Carlos Montes.

I have personal knowledge of this.

Gavin Newsom had nothing to do with that uprising.

While he is obviously a standard-mint affluent California liberal, he is clearly not an Obama-esque, Bill Ayers-Bernardine Dohrn Weather Underground Students for a Democratic Society street organizer radical.

With the COVID pandemic already at a crisis point when the George Floyd incident took place, the pre-planned violent uprising would have been difficult to contain, for any governor, especially with CalFire and local EMTs & LEOs distracted by wildfires.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed took office on July 11, 2018, after having been president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 2015-2018.

The governance of San Francisco is the responsibility of Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, since the year before Gavin Newsom took office as governor.

Much of the regional ANTIFA problem, emerged from radicals out of nearby Oakland.

So as convenient as it might seem to pin all of California’s Left Coast idiosyncrasies and dysfunctions and tax woes on Gavin Newsom, I do not think this is entirely objective or fair, especially as the California state legislature and the campuses of the state colleges & universities have been increasingly falling off the Left Coast cliffs for decades now.

Gavin Newsom is not the cause of high taxes in California.

He is not quite of the same sort of mold as is J.B. Pritzker and his trans billionare Pritzker Military Library curator-in-drag cousin Illinois National Guard (ret.) Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer.

He obviously is working his way up the political ladder, toward a potential vice-presidential or presidential candidacy.

He likes to look good and live well.

He does not strike me as a hair-on-fire burn-it-all-down kind of guy.

As long as he keeps his hair gel away from any ANTIFA flame-throwers, he should arrive at his final destination with his hairstyle appropriately well-controlled and intact.

(Unlike Alejandro Mayorkas, who strikes me as a possible twin of Dr. Evil.)

One has to look at the methods that those wishing to capture the high-quality institutions and military installations of California, have used to take control of them.

It is somewhat similar to how the Democrats have captured Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, territorially, from the Republicans.

The capture of Fermilab for Democrats was done by directing hordes of poor, low-income and illegal alien Latin Americans to settle in and around the stagnant and historically working-class manufacturing cities of Aurora and Elgin, who, as ancestrally predominantly Roman Catholic, were bound to explode the low-income, welfare-dependent populations there, if provided with state welfare benefits and HUD subsidized housing assistance.

It seems to me that Illinois calling out California, is the kettle calling the pot black, in many ways.

I’d give two legs, five ribs, my pancreas, left lung, both eyebrows and both eyeteeth to go work for Stuart Bale at Berkeley SSL on a solar probe radio & plasma wave instrument investigation.

McHenry County ain’t got nuttin’.


McHenry County refuses to complete the Illinois Triple Crown that should be

1) Argonne National Laboratory

2) Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

and the

(3) Grote Reber & George P. Swenson Radio Science & Space Engineering Laboratories

of the NASA Eugene N. Parker & Patrick E. Palmer Space Science & Astrophysics Center

in conjunction with the Midwest U.S. Space Force Base Space and the U.S. Space Force Research Laboratory of the U.S. Space Force Space Exploration, Settlement and Defense College all sited adjacent to the Northern Illinois Space Engineering & Technologies Industrial Corridor of McHenry County, Illinois.


That would be a trifecta well-worth betting on.


When space physicist Dr. Stuart D. Bale, Ph.D and his colleagues and their teams pack up and flee Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, then I will know that the End Times are nigh, and that the Great California Apocalypse has arrived and the Battle of Armageddon is upon us.


Having submitted this comment, I shall now watch the recommended video.

John Lopez response: Will look forward to hearing your comments after viewing the debate video. Please email the comments to me, and I’ll make sure it is posted. Concerning CA Governor Gavin Newsom, please pay particular attention to the reference of the CA Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) law. Newsom was lieutenant governor for Governor Jerry Brown (yes, “Governor Moonbeam”), but Brown would have never signed such a freedom-robbing law like AB5. Newsom did, in September of 2019. — JL

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