McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner February 17th Features Unleashed Prosperity Newsletter Publisher Stephen Moore

A copy of our report is (will be) available from the Illinois State Board of Elections. Ad paid for by the Skinner Campaign Fund.

Strephen Moore publishes the Unleashed Prosperity Hotline. The following is from today’s email:

Is There a Trump Stock Market Rally?

We rolled our eyes when Donald Trump claimed credit for the recent stock market rally. (Republicans would be lambasting Biden if the market were down.)

But it turns out there may be a sliver of truth to the Trump claim that the market is rallying because investors like that he is ahead in the polls. A Trump presidency would mean tax rates are going down, while a Biden victory would mean more regulations and higher tax rates on investment across the board.

Investment guru Scott Bessent, CEO of Keystone Capital Management, points us to this chart by RenMac which examines stock market performance based on who is favored to win the election based on polls and betting markets. 

Their findings? Stocks returned 35.2% above trend when Trump was favored versus 3.4% when Biden was in the lead. Notice that Trump has moved up in the polls in the last few months the stock market has been bullish. 

Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

The full Bessent memo is here.

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A ticket costs $150 for non-Precinct Committeepersons.

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McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner February 17th Features Unleashed Prosperity Newsletter Publisher Stephen Moore — 13 Comments

  1. Stephen Moore is a legitimate conservative.

    He is smart, rational, reasonable, and he has a good perspective on economics and truly desires American economic success.

    However, in delivery, he laughs far too often and it destroys his delivery.

    He has reason to laugh at liberal policies that are repetitive FAILURES….but he laughs so often his speech delivery is bad.

  2. Look up his educational and life history. is blog is relentlessly shilling him, but he’s weak.

    Many better conservative economic minds are out there.

  3. Anti-Semitism: [an-tee-sem-i-tiz-uh m]
    1) the very natural anger and indignation that arises in response to the belligerent and racist attitudes and actions of the non-Semitic, racist Ashkenazi fake “Jews.”

    2) A Jedi-mindfu-k trick used to deflect blame for bullshit, racist behavior onto the victim and protect the perpetrators of said evil.

    3) An emotional manipulation phrase used to shut down rational discourse

  4. We’re at war. What are they distracting the feeble minds from?

    The border
    The polls
    Biden dementia
    Fani Willis corruption
    Illegals attacking NYC Cops and being released with no bail

    And the list is endless.

    Aren’t psy ops fun. They are when you finally wake up to the fact the media are just Mockingbirds controlled by the CIA.

    I’ve got to go make more popcorn

  5. Just can’t get through the day without channeling your inner Göring, eh, dinko?

    Make America Germany Again?

  6. You know Dingo, most dogs have to stay outside tied to poles and don’t give me any of that ‘inside dog’ crap.

  7. It is insanely perplexing to me that a substantial portion of the American population continues to endorse Trump, harboring the belief that he will instigate any serious change.

    This upcoming election farce seems like just another theatrical spectacle.

    With each consecutive election, the masses continue to think that voting would have any effect against joo power.

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