Babylon Bee Nails It: “Gaza Votes for Ceasefire in Chicago”

From the Babylon Bee, “Fake news you can trust”:

“We are appalled by the endless violence in Chicago. How can anyone live there?” declared Gaza resident Ahmed Al-Astal Abu Al-Najjar. “We must add our voice to the growing number of people demanding peace in this war-torn American city…

“You’d be crazy to live in Chicago”…

The text of the resolution calls for a permanent ceasefire in Chicago, humanitarian assistance, and for its citizens to immediately convert to Islam or die.

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This ws contributed by a Babylon Bee reader. The publication invites ideas for stories.

Remember, the Babylon Bee is Fake News You Can Trust.


Babylon Bee Nails It: “Gaza Votes for Ceasefire in Chicago” — 13 Comments

  1. I love it. Below this story is no comment Nina Jankowicz Marc Avelar/John Lopez saying he respects D, not I, Krysten Sinema who won her senate seat in the Sinaloa Cartel controlled elections in AZ. Way to go Avelar.

    You want respect, expose corruption in elections or does that go too much against the grain in your echo chambers of journalistic integrity?

    At least Babylon Bee can throw out daily sarcasm on the ridiculous state of this country.

    Thanks Cal for posting it.

    It gave me a chuckle.

  2. The Babylon Bee is right on the 💰$Benjamin’s, as it is most of the time.

  3. I read his book on the Covid fraud. Did you Monk? And no.

    I’m voting Trump.

    Tricky Nickki the neocon sounds like a good choice for you and Lopez

  4. LOFL. Maybe Lopez can explain why Tucker Carlson, you know a real journalist, is in Moscow. Avelar is a useless tool. Krysten Sinema? Laura Loomer is smarter than that bisexual bimbo.

  5. Do these people realize chi town / IL has no control over this issue?

    geezus its the FB trying to act like the toilet king and El Supidido BJ sheeping along with it all.

    While they sit around aiding and abedding an invasion of illegals to our country…

    i.e. NY City riots over gaza country whak?

    while American citizens are trying to keep America as she should be, so you have idiots who should be deported to the sand box now rioting for another country

    What is wrong with this pic!!!

    get your Azzs to our borders and help the USA if you want to be here… you are so unamerican all of you!

    you don’t get it.

    You are in the US of America!!!!

  6. All while true Americans are at our borders trying to keep her FREE these people want to be here get your sorry butts on the line, do some thing for this country if you want to be here!!

  7. +1 JT not 1 other than Fox news and utube, will report on any of whats going on at our borders or in our country we are in dire straights right now of losing her to a regime our fathers and forefathers fought for… and none of them libtard journalists will step up! its sickening… to watch the lipstick they try to cover the pig up with fjb, big foot, basement dweller, criminal… you get the pic.

    These youngins who want to learn how to protest need to go down there and get schooled… learn something other than racism… that they are being fed… and anyone rioting here for any other country needs to be deported… you love it so much you gone…

  8. I’ve seen it being reported every day, just about every where. It’s a daily story in all the media I read and visit every day.

    The inundation of border stories is at saturation. Thanks, particularly, to Governor Abbot. The pressure has actually stirred a response from the Democrats.

    There’s a bigger world than Fox.

  9. Be careful Dingo. Metadata Marc Avelar has your IP address. He seems a little unstable when people make comments that offend him. A sign of no sense of humor hiding behind his anonymous coward handle John Lopez.

    He’s now reporting on bisexual senator Sinema. I wonder if she’s been with Catalina Lauf. LOL

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