Another Vehicle Found with Pot

From the Cary Police:

The repeated lesson seems to be that if you want to use pot in a vehicle, have update license plates.


Another Vehicle Found with Pot — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you F.B. govner and the libtard voters…

    if they can’t poison us they will drive us off the road…

    with pot /cush stupid heads..

  2. Keep the Gonj in the container you bought it in, still sealed and you can drive all over town with expired plates without getting charged.

    Expired plates yeah, carrying Gonj in the sealed container, no.

    Guess folks want to break into their stash early or drive around with it.

    Cops usually dont go poking around inside your car unless you give them reason to.

    Expired plates,DL, warrants, always will, or having the Gonj out in the open.

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