Oakwood Hills Coyote Alert

From Village President Chad Rider:


It has been brought to our attention that there have been numerous sightings of 2 Well Fed coyotes in the park near the baseball field.

Coyote south of Route 72 in South Barrington.

Please be aware of your surroundings and keep a watchful eye on your children and pets.

Just a friendly reminder dogs are required to be on a leash.

Thank you.


Oakwood Hills Coyote Alert — 5 Comments

  1. My god Village prez Chad, what kind of sheltered, out-of-touch, snobby life you’ve lived, if you’ve never had a pet or small child eaten by wild animals.

  2. Ahh spring is in the air and the damn coyotes are hungry

    What else is new

  3. Lots of coyote sightings south west crystal lake
    Near barlina & mchenry ave.

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