Saturday Night Speeding in Lake in the Hills — 12 Comments

  1. Wow. Set an unreasonably slow speed limit on a widened thoroughfare and cha ching. Instant cash flow

  2. INVEST in a good quality radar detector and you won’t run into problems with these people. and no believe it or not I don’t always signal when I speed either.

  3. You read the charges, right?

    two were at least 26mph over and one was 35+ over.

    Those aren’t speed trap tickets, those are you’re driving like an a-hole tickets.

    One guy didn’t have insurance either.

  4. When are you going to put law enforcement into those EV turds, so you can laugh as they try to catch me going 28 in a 25-zone on my bicycle?

  5. 6640, How dare you question the narcissist psycho JT. He is never wrong. Plus the loser believes in a invisible man living in the sky. Lol loser.

  6. Looks like I put all those Easter Eggs for Joseph, on the center lane of the Dan Ryan for nothin’.

  7. I guess most of the blog commentors like to see high speeding cars out on the road when they are

  8. North of Town, I’d like to see Officer Parquette get the annual 5 day Bahama cruise from his department for bringing in the most ticket revenue in ‘24.

  9. North, my speed is relative to my desire to be the furthest I can be away from the great unwashed.

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