Republicans Behaving Badly: Ex-Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn Got What Was Coming to Him from Peers at Arizona Town Council

Some people never change even making a move across the country, in just over 3 years since abandoning his constituents, Skillicorn sanctioned by his town council peers

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez

Commenter “Truth Matters” left a detailed comment Friday afternoon which included this observation:

“The Republican party in Illinois has steadily declined in professionalism and participation.”

McHenry County Blog, “Politics is a Game of Addition not Subtraction“, Cal Skinner, March 29, 2024, comment at 2:23PM CDT March 29


Ex State Rep. Allen Skillicorn on the way to Arizona

Ex-state Representative Allen Skillicorn got what was coming to him on March 19, 2024.

Remember Skillicorn? A former 2-term Illinois state representative who after winning a contested primary in the 66th District 4 years ago, began planning his move to Arizona, sold his home in May of 2020, moved into rental property in-district in Sleepy Hollow and in early 2021, moved out of Illinois after losing reelection to then-McHenry County Board Member Suzanne Ness (D, Crystal Lake) after doing nothing to campaign and refusing to give up his nomination so party leaders could pick a fall ballot replacement back in 2020.

Now an elected member of the Fountain Hills Town Council after winning election in 2022, Skillicorn’s actions produced sanctions on the same night of the Illinois primary election this year, March 19, 2024.

Talk about poetic justice.

Skillicorn can no longer become vice-mayor, use taxpayer money to travel for events and meetings or physically meet with workers unless another worker is there with them.

The initial coverage from last month can be viewed here.

Skillicorn decides to go the lawfare route and that recent story can be viewed here.

Note from John Lopez: This is the first in a series of articles about local Republicans behaving badly, and starting with locally raised 49 year old adolescent Allen Skillicorn. The next feature will be a defeated 57 year old IL-11 Republican congressional candidate who still hasn’t called the primary winner to congratulate him and offer her support for him in the fall campaign.


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