Household Income: Trump v. Biden

From Stephen Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline #989:

Chart of the Week 

Each week we will highlight a graphic from our forthcoming Trump vs. Biden chart book.

This week’s contrasts the income gains during Trump’s first three years in office with Biden’s three-year performance.

The bottom line: real median household income rose by more than $6,000 under Trump and fell by more than $2,000 a month under Biden.

That’s a giant $8,000-a-year swing.  

Perhaps the reason people keep saying to pollsters they are worse off under Biden’s big government policies versus Trump’s “Put America First” policies is because most people really are.


Household Income: Trump v. Biden — 55 Comments

  1. But the orange man is bad according to those suffering from TDS. Remember, Biden got 81m legitimate legal votes.

  2. Gather around children JT the clown will tell us his vote matters and make balloon phallics.

  3. Look who shows up with a mind blowing opinion. The blogs very own Blog Karen, Lil Joey Trollflake who doesn’t vote.

    Did your P Diddy bobblehead to compliment your Epstein bobblehead to add to your star wars figures collection?

  4. Look who originally showed up with a mind blowing opinion.

    The blogs very own blog Psycho, Narcissist clown JT who votes and thinks he matters.

    Did sniffing your bag of Avelar dryer lint while tucking, and wearing your Darren Sharper jersey compliment your wig collection?

  5. If Biden gets re-elected, J T and Joseph will finally mutually agree to settle their differences , while standing together in a Democrat bread line and deciding to riot.

  6. OK Karen. Purely original thoughts flow from your fingertips. You should call yourself Shakespeare. What an Einstein not to be confused with Epstein.

  7. JT aka JollyTransgender is currently in egg mode. Congratulations. We here at the blog encourage you to be yourself and explore your desires during this courageous and difficult journey of finding who you truly are.

  8. Where did the Covid go on the tRumpty graph? It’s mysteriously disappeared. Huh.

    Looks like Moore created a “hockey stick” graph.

  9. I guess the “bread line” quip wasn’t much of a ‘Trans’fat-free solution to our problems.

  10. I agree Monk.

    Kinda like the hockeystick graph of votes for Biden in swing states in the middle of the night.

  11. Yep, I saw that exact hockey stick in the last Climate Change graph by that guy with the Easter Island statuary head.

    That Pecan Roll you have for Governor, also uses it for Illinois growth.

  12. This graph means nothing.

    There is no 8000 swing.

    We lost 2300 of Trumps 6800.

    still ahead 4500.

    Not an endorsement of Biden.

    An indictment of “facts”.

  13. And of course the MAGAts will seize on the “8000 swing”.

  14. I won’t “seize” anything Stephen, but you can just do the Democrat thing , just give me $8000 and we’ll call it even.

  15. All Cal has to do is post Trump in the headline with no article attached, sit back, chuckle and let the foaming at the mouth commence.

    He should be complimented for his abilities.

    My investments in paper towel stock are booming.

  16. “My investments in paper towel stock are booming.” Maybe you should try a woman.

  17. Abe you give the troll a purpose in life since he doesn’t have one beyond trolling a blog

  18. And YOU both live on a blog whining and complaining. Frick and Frack. Losers.

  19. Stock market gains aside, real purchasing power is less.

    Just pumped $3.74 gas in the Tahoe so yeah I’m pissed.

    And it’s a statistical fact that the election came and will come down to a few thousand votes in a few counties and for damn sure none are here.

    Another 4 years of 7+% mortgages and $4 gas.

    Can’t wait.

    Way to go 80million+ great unwashed.

  20. LOL ReRider. Lil Joey Trollflake likes to pump gas and huff it too. He prefers the pipe he’s huffing from has had a good feeding of beans

  21. No Joey. How hard you want to believe it I’m not your buttplug. When’s your next bi-weekly proctology exam?

  22. 24 hrs later and the blogs 2 biggest trolls are back at it.

    647 am. LOL. 24/7 RENT FREE

  23. JT, during your transitioning period, please reach out to family to help you through your magical journey. Your loved ones like abe, will guide you during this period. Rely on them for love and support.

  24. LOFL. Lil Joey I believe your mangina is overheating. You may want to head to the emergency room for urgent care. Please make sure you tell them you identify as Karen. They’ll be sure to put you in the psych ward where you definitely belong.

  25. JT is projecting again. A common occurrence of one that is in egg mode.

  26. WOW. Lil Joey Trollflake the Blog Karen came up with an original thought. Keep up the good work Karen.

  27. JT the Blog Chad. Thanks. Coming for you that mean so much. You are the epitomy of man and homoeroctica.

  28. Overheated mangina is now a 3 alarm fire. Let’s hope Cal posts a story about it.

  29. Lil Joey Trollflakes mangina overheating has been elevated to a MABAS level 5. Hopefully his boyfriend has a fire extinguisher

  30. Capt Mangina is still smoldering. Hopefully the paramedics are still on the scene

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