Message of the Day – A Bus

Found on Jeanne Ives Sunday email:

Pace bus seen in Naperville.

Ives wrote the following to accompany the photo:

What woke Public Sector Bureaucrats Allow on Public Transit

Iguess a White House Proclamation wasn’t enough visibility. This bus was seen in Naperville.  PACE Suburban Bus is a public system serving suburban Chicago communities. It is heavily supported by taxpayers and less so fare-riders, so how they spend their money is important to everyone.
It is unclear at this time if taxpayers paid for the very expensive wrapping on the bus or if they let the sexual identity-obsessed radicals pay for it as advertising. Either way, this messaging is selling sex and shouldn’t be allowed.

So now that they have raised their profile, time to look at what else is going on. When I was in the statehouse, I was a member of the Mass Transit Committee. It went away in 2015, came back in 2017 and then the committee was disbanded in 2019 and hasn’t returned. The Committee was very interesting. Lots of discussions about the RTAMETRACTA and PACE. Lots of controversy too. The head of Metra in 2013, Alex Clifford, said his job was threatened because he wouldn’t play ball on giving Madigan-connected people jobs and pay raises. Maybe that’s why the Mass Transit committee went away.

But, these agencies – and the downstate transit systems – need oversight.

PACE ridership has dropped 40% from 32.8 million in 2019 to an estimated 19.8 in 2024.

In 2024, looking at just their suburban service and not including their ADA paratransit service, the revenue collected from operations (fares, contracted services, advertising) is expected to be 40.6 million, with farebox revenue being only half of that amount at $20.2 million. Expenses are expected to be 333.3 million.

That means tax money picks up 88% of the cost of every ride.

In 2019, when ridership was 65% higher, expenses were only $236 million – 30% lower, and 24% of the cost was covered by operating revenue, leaving 76% covered by taxes.

Another problem, PACE is also ALL-IN on the green energy scam. According to their budget documents, they plan to have 23 battery electric buses in service in 2024 with a goal of zero emissions by 2040.
They should consult with 

Connect Transit in Bloomington-Normal. As I mentioned before, emails between Connect Transit and Rivian showed that ConnectTransit must charge their buses in a heated garage during the winter and cannot charge them between the hours of 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm because it is too expensive. The emails highlighted in this article from the blog site BLN News are comical and alarming.

These public transit systems were expensive before COVID, with taxpayers who may never even use a PACE bus or ride on Metra stuck paying for 50% to 76% of the ride. Given the drop in ridership, massive increases in costs, objectionable sexual messaging, and investment into EV buses, taxpayers should demand a re-evaluation of the entire system and their priorities.


Message of the Day – A Bus — 20 Comments

  1. I didn’t realize the LBTGQ community didn’t pay taxes. Must be just Hetero-White Christians. Ned can you confirm that?

  2. I didn’t realize Pokorny lauds perverts.

    Hey Pook, figure out a way to put on a pervert puppet show for the neighborhood kids.

    You can star as “It”!

  3. Well if you want to spend public money, I want to see some Monster Truck Graphics, I’m sure NRA want’s a few guns, Some Jesus graphics, Democrats would want a graphic of Das Kapital, but since Alphabet People are like only a one percental of the populace, they can paint a hubcap.

  4. Really and your kids will grow up to be assholes like their dad. The coward carpenter from Pepper construction. such a shame.

  5. +1 Ned

    and i think this should be more of the likes of a short bus… to show what kind of libtard spending is being done with tax payers money.

  6. I agree as well Ned.

    1 question. Is Porkboy driving that bus? He sure does embrace that lifestyle.

    I’m also wondering is this what Dave Lowitzki lobbied for?

  7. LOL Age. Another professional victim. Likely someone Porkboy agrees with.

  8. Pokorny…….i stand by what I said. Celebrating the LGTBQ agenda doesn’t necessitate the spending tax money for Gay Pride bs and using public funds to spread their attempt to legitimize the sexual orientation. What’s next a BLM bus.

  9. Jeanne, and Mr. Skinner, then I would strongly recommend that folks in the region just assist me ditectly to get personal transportation.

    A wheelchair/walker-accessible vehicle suitable for persons with post-operative orthopedic/neurological cervical spine damage, would be extremely helpful to get me active, mobile and gainfully-employed again,…

    …as I would finally have a way to move around to where folks will appreciate my skills, so that I can generate income, while keeping my spine relatively safe.

    Or at least a little Vespa motorized scooter, so that I could at least get a few groceries & supplies, economically, and get to church and take care of errands & business, and perhaps have both a professional and social life.

    Complaining as to how expensive, immoral, decadent, ludicrous, etc., will not help solve the problems that have generated this situation.

    For Republicans to improve their situation, they need to actually forgo the whining and instead take DIRECT ACTION to solve the problems that create a demand for taxpayer-funded public services.

    I don’t want to have to ride that bus, either.

    But I am forced to do so, because our own people refuse to assist me to recover from my extensive injuries and help establish business ventures so that I can generate an income stream and help our people improve ourselves and our region.

    Republicans have become a tribe of aging, ineffective whiners, instead of take-action doers, movers and shakers.

    When Republicans only complain, but do not show leadership and take the initiative to actually solve problems so that Social Democrats do not have fodder to feed all their often-ineffective or inefficient social services engines, then you look not-serious, and your gesticulating efforts, like the above, are received by the general public that even hears them, as just so-much low-frequency grumbling and mumbling with occasional discernable mutterings.

    So you actually have to sit down and have discussions with persons like me — your fellow Old Stock WASP Americans, who have become forced into this social service system as a result of bad behavior and irresponsibility of others, who have never been held to account for the enormous damage they have done, to both me, and to society.

    So I here demand that Jeanne Ives and Mr. Skinner, and other regional Republicans, actually sit down and discuss my situation with me, so that problems can actually be solved, so that the various levels of governments and the social services system do not have the power to force me to ride their ridiculous-looking and embarrassingly garish bus, which I do not want to ride, either!

    Jeanne is an Army veteran. She, of all people, should know that combat Marines are never supposed to leave an injured and wounded Marine behind on the battlefield, to fall into enemy hands.

    Our people have forgotten this basic principle of war.

    Jeanne and Mr. Skinner and other regional Republicans should contact me, to make arrangements to discuss my situation and get problems solved thru direct action.

    Otherwise, you Republicans are just using your fellow Americans like me for political talking points.

    Many complex problems that generate huge taxpayer costs and massive government infrastructure, are actually easily solved with a little personal attention.

    Many problems spiral out of control because they are not attended to on a timely basis, with successful and intelligent technique, by our own people.

    Here is my contact information, and I expect Jeanne and Mr. Skinner and other Republicans to contact me.

    I am

    Dawn Marie Mueller
    2400 Hawks Dr. Unit #115
    Batavia, IL 60510
    ph: (779) 713-3893
    email: dawnmm AT mc DOT net
    X: @Magnetodawn

  10. Riding that bus…Feels good until someone you know sees you.

    I feel sorry for the driver that got assigned to that abomination.

  11. Somebody call in a wellness-sanity check for “Dawn Marie Mueller”

    She needs help, not enablers.

  12. “Pokorny…….i stand by what I said. Celebrating the LGTBQ agenda doesn’t necessitate the spending tax money for Gay Pride bs and using public funds to spread their attempt to legitimize the sexual orientation. What’s next a BLM bus.”

    Who paid for it?

    Do you know it was public funds.

    Did a LBTG group pay for it. Typical, bitch when you don’t have all the facts.

    “It is unclear at this time if taxpayers paid for the very expensive wrapping on the bus or if they let the sexual identity-obsessed radicals pay for it as advertising.allowed.”

  13. That bus that y’all are mocking is actually a multi-fuel technological marvel. It can run on either diesel oil or Vaseline.

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