County Offers Pet Microchiping & Rabies Shots in Crystal Lake

From the McHenry County Health Department:

McHenry County Department of Health’s Animal Control Division to Host Spring Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics

MCHENRY COUNTY, IL – The McHenry County Department of Health’s Animal Control Division (MCAC) is excited to host three low-cost rabies vaccination clinics this spring – April 16th, May 14th, and May 21st – at the McHenry County Animal Control and Adoption Center, located at 100 N. Virginia Street in Crystal Lake.

Keeley Cat only cared about one issu when the Board of Health members were trying to impose a Republican Cat Tax as Board members tried in 2007. Keeley would have been disappointed that it finally passed.

The MCAC’s low-cost rabies vaccination clinics are by appointment only, and registration is available online at Residents with questions can call (815) 459-6222.

Cash is the only form of payment accepted at the clinics.

Clinics are available for both cats and dogs, and will be offered on the following days and hours:

  • Tuesday, April 16 | 1pm – 4pm (dogs only)
  • Tuesday, May 14 | 1pm – 4pm (cats only)
  • Tuesday, May 21 | 1pm – 4pm (dogs only)

Special package pricing is being offered for fixed (spayed or neutered) animals.

All animals attending one of the clinics will be microchipped unless a previous microchip is registered or scanned during the event.

Special package pricing for fixed (spayed or neutered) animals:

  • Dogs: Microchip, 1 year vaccination and registration: $20
  • Dogs: Microchip, 3 year vaccination and registration: $50
  • Cats: Microchip, 1 year vaccination and registration: $15
  • Cats: Microchip, 3 year vaccination and registration: $40

Intact animals (not spayed or neutered) can still attend the clinics, with the costs being $15 for a 1 year vaccination and $30 for a 3 year vaccination.

Registration is a separate fee. Intact animals receiving a vaccination will also receive a free microchip unless previously microchipped.

All dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be in a carrier when arriving for their appointments.

Please do not bring animals that are in heat. Information about bite history for dogs that are easily stressed will be requested when making an appointment. Owners are responsible for putting a muzzle on any dog that needs one prior to their appointment.

Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system of animals and humans and is fatal once symptoms appear. A change in an animal’s behavior is often the first sign of rabies in a pet. A rabid animal may become either abnormally aggressive or unusually tame, and it may lose fear of people and become docile or become excited and irritable.

We strongly urge adults to educate children about avoiding contact with unfamiliar animals and to immediately inform an adult if they are bitten or scratched by an animal. Any animal bites or encounters with animals suspected of having rabies should be reported to the MCAC at (815) 459-6222.


County Offers Pet Microchiping & Rabies Shots in Crystal Lake — 9 Comments

  1. Cindy computer time is over. There is soft serve in the rec room. Gladys saved you a chair.

  2. Oh my goodness this Cindy is hilljack gone wild.

    The uneducated and unhinged are the biggest threat to society.

    Creating manifestos and paranoia based upon psychological dysfunction, discounting proven science, and therefore becoming a threat to the health and welfare of others.

    Scary stuff, and we cannot track these threats because they fly under the radar until they do something drastic.

  3. And one more idiot speaks. Proven science isn’t even a reality. Your fantasy world is crumbling around you. When you learn what words mean, come back. Oh, never mind, don’t bother. Just keep lining up for your jabs. Bots are all going to burn up anyway.

  4. Don’t worry Cindy, the Truth does matter.

    This degenerate claims he’s a female. But his chromosomes say otherwise.

    Delusional to the max.


    I will not comply or obey such hideous creatures.

    They are of the netherworld.

    But he’s a high governmental official!

  5. When was the last time there was a rabid dog reported in Illinois? Check this out! Mchenry = 1964 – my mother went to war as they say! Then they upcharge without ANY scientific justification if a dog is intact when in fact Desexing dogs too young has been proven to put the bigger breeds at high risk for dysplasia, bone cancer, etc. They only justification, and it’s a shallow one, is unwanted litters. The majority of good pet owners prevent that that natural way – they keep them away from breeding. It’s not like we have dogs breeding in the middle of the streets. Moreover, the rescues use it as a scare tactic stating things like risk of mammary cancer. Next time your at your vet ask them when’s the last mammary cancer case they saw.

    But yet I know of 3 Rescues in IL who breed dogs to fill their gaps in their money making game! But hey, they are 5013c so no taxes for them. But they are soooo brainwashed it’s sick!

    I also know of several rescues that desex dogs at weeks old and that can’t be any more inhumane ever!!! Dept of AG would love to know who the rescue is and more importantly who the hack vets are for doing so as they risk their license and the rescues risk losing their status.

    If you rescue a dog which I totally support, and if they even attempt to force you to desex a male b4 age two or a female b4 their second heat – provide them a ltr from your vet that you are waiting for the health of the dog. If they pressure or threaten court action, call the Dept of AG as they are breaking the law!

    Shelter laws and rescue laws are very different! Educate yourself as rescues attempt to cite shelter.

    This is one of the main reasons people forgo rescuing from either – not to mention the ridiculous costs – as well as the type of breeds – majority pit bulls that have in many cases been bred by a rescue!

    This is how insane these vaccinations are!

    My dogs only get rabies bc they are forced to! If boarded then boardatella! There’s a shit ton of $ made on these vaccines and most aren’t necessary, in fact many are dangerous and rarely work.

  6. We brought three critters in our home over the years knowing that there was issues (2 cats, one dog)…… of course, not at the same time.

    Spent so much time with each one of them…..
    Vet did state if there is any possibility of inner breeding you’re going to have issues.


    YEP, issues !!!!

    But you still looked in their eyes with unconditional love and tried to work with them.

    We did everything we could for them.

    Vet stated either put them down or make them somebody else’s problem.

    Very hard decision… put down each time was the choice….

    Sooo hard to do!!

    We think about those animals all the time…..

    Meow, meow and Woof, woof.

    Now let’s GOD BLESS K9 DAX….
    May he rest in Doggy heaven…..He deserves it !!!!!!

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