Two Slates Campaigning to Lead McHenry County Republican Party

Republlican Precinct Committeepersons are being solicited for their votes at Wednesday;s Convention.

First to send me information about a candidacy is Marengo’s Marty Mohr, the party’s current Secretary.

(Other appeals will be published as they are received.)

He writes,

Support Marty Mohr McHenry GOP Vice Chair

Marty Mohr

I hope this email finds you well.

I am reaching out to you today with great enthusiasm to formally announce my candidacy for the position of McHenry County GOP Executive Committee Vice Chairman.

As the current Secretary of our County Party, I believe that together we can uphold the principles and values that define us and work together to ensure McHenry County remains a Republican stronghold for the future.

Throughout the years, I have been deeply involved in our community.

My civic involvement includes:

  • President, Marengo Park District Board of Commissioners
  • Chairman of the City of Marengo Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Commissioner on the McHenry County Community Development and Housing Grant Commission

Some of my memberships and activities include:

  • Member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Marengo
  • Member of Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Council
  • American Red Cross Disaster Action Team Volunteer

I’m currently employed full time as Vice President of Risk Management for a national civil construction contractor. Some of my responsibilities include, leading a team of Safety, Quality, and Damage Prevention associates, negotiating construction contracts, negotiating and purchasing commercial insurance managing all insurance claims.

My extensive experience in community service combined with my professional experience has provided me with invaluable insights into the needs and concerns of our constituents.

I am confident that my background and dedication to our shared values make me a strong candidate for the role of McHenry County GOP Executive Committee Vice Chairman.

I am reaching out to you today to kindly request your support for my candidacy at the upcoming McHenry County Central Committee Convention to be held on April 17, 2024 at 6:00 PM.

With your support, I believe that together we can work toward a brighter future for our party and McHenry County.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

I am eager to hear your thoughts and discuss how we can continue to move our party forward together.


Two Slates Campaigning to Lead McHenry County Republican Party — 21 Comments

  1. I am disappointed in Marengo and would ask Mr. Mohr what he has actually accomplished that benefits the taxpayers.

    In the last year, the rate of poverty has grown by a whopping 10%.

    Mr Mohr is not, in my opinion, a fiscal conservative.

    I believe he supported the new slaughterhouse built in Marengo by an individual with a troubled past, even though the numerous slaughterhouses are proven to decrease home values, bring crime and illegals, and people do NOT want to live near slaughterhouses.

    There is zero business growth in Marengo, the chamber of commerce is an absolute laughable farse, and the town serves the Franks family (Democrats) and a few others, and that is it.

    The manager of the Park District is a retired school superintendent, so he gets a considerable pension.

    I wonder if this role in the Park District is building a second pension payout.

    Seems the Republican party of McHenry County has turned purple.

    That’s what you get when you mix Red and Blue.

    Ain’t what it used to be.

  2. Slaughterhouse is outside of the City of Marengo.

    I didn’t support it at any level.

    The retired superintendent at the Park District serves on a contract basis with no pension. (Easily can be FOIA’D)

    Park District Spending is down significantly under my leadership, personnel policies put in place to prevent perpetual vacation time (like previous administrations allowed),

    Budget is balanced.

    Old loans have been paid off.

    Taxes have not increased.

    Keep in mind, I’ve lived in the City for 7 years cleaning up previous messes.

    Thanks for your opinion, but you’re just not right on this one.

  3. I appreciate your response, Mr. Mohr.

    The Slaughterhouse uses Marengo water and a lot of it.

    I am surprised it was approved, given all of the water issues in Marengo.

    I do agree that the messes in Marengo exist on most taxpayer-funded boards.

    It’s become a dilapidated, run-down, and tired-looking town that seems to miss State funding on many grants, although the Park District did get a good one.

    Thank you for your work.

  4. Marty Mohr, Illinois has about 9,000 units of local government, the most in the U. S. Forty-six states function with less than 2,500 units of local government.

    Would you be a champion of government consolidation?

    Where is the convention going to be held?

    Would like to meet you.

  5. R. Anderson,

    We’ve met.

    You showed little to no interest in me or my point of view!

  6. How about simply holding elected politicians accountable?

    Who votes for lower taxes and who raises them?

  7. Mr. MJMohr, please answer an honest question:

    Who is your chairman running mate at Wednesday’s County Convention?

    Which slate are you a part?

  8. Mohr, do you support:

    A) Israel

    B) Zelensky

    C) Gov. Pritzker

    D) DoH Secy. Mayorkas

    E) J6 Prosecutions

    F) Penny Pritzker

    G) Transgenders in military, as public school teachers, as US ambassadors

    H) 1st Amendment

    I) Hunter Biden

  9. Mr. Mohr, what exactly is your view that Bob Anderson showed little interest in?

    Thank you.

  10. MJMOHR: Everybody on both sides knows there IS a slate; Your candidate for Chaiman gave you all up 48 hours ago when he had a conversation with an old buddy from the sheriff’s dept.

    He also detailed that this Coup had been in the works for at least six months.

    He was so confident that he gave up the names of those involved, as well as thier plans.

    Just when the Party is coming back together, you seek to tear is apart.

    AMENDED JULY 27, 2022


    The Officers of the CENTRAL COMMITTEE shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and
    Treasurer, who shall be members of the CENTRAL COMMITTEE. The Officers shall be elected at the County Convention, as hereinafter provided, in McHenry County. Each Officer will be elected individually; no slate of Officers will be permitted. It shall be the intent of the CENTRAL COMMITTEE to ensure the election of Officers from as many townships as possible.

  12. Oh Mohr admits he’s trying to tear the party apart as seen above.

    He is also a Tax and spend candidate, and not transparent candidate.

    “What is a slate????”

    He is either deceptive or dumb.

    We can’t afford either!


    We need people that know at least the Basics.

    In the Presidential Election of our lifetime, there is no time for this crap!

  13. I grew up in the SW corner of Coral Township. I attended Riley School and Marengo Community High School.

    The reason why Marengo is “a dilapidated, run-down, and tired-looking town”, is that, for several generations, the same McHenry County personalities have perpetually hammered the message, “No taxes!…Government bad!…Don’t trust the gubbmint! Don’t ever spend any money EVER, except on farm implements and barns and guns!” over and over and over into the minds of young Marengoans, until our brains become paralyzed and incapable of generating anything near a vibrant, growing economy.

    Because a handful of old farts are still repeating endlessly the same maxims pounded into their own heads by their Depression Era parents, nobody feels capable of investing in anything at all, let alone such an UNSEEMLY luxury as pleasant community aesthetics.

    For awhile, Riley School produced some intelligent kids, capable of math, science & engineering.

    But then after we went out and got college degrees, the same Old Farts have kept ranting that making any improvements necessary to establish businesses and incubator ventures that would generate a healthy economy, are the equivalent of the SPAWN of SATAN, because a successful economy would result in people SPENDING MONEY, which is evil.

    So making your little city of Marengo look less stagnant and derelict, would require CHANGE, and CHANGE is evil.

    Because, GOSHDARNIT, if Marengo were to look any different and improved than it did in the 1970s, that would indicate CHANGE had happened, which would be evidence of PROGRESS, which no respectable McHenry County Republican would ever endorse, because PROGRESS is associated with the Democrat word, “progressive”, which sounds a lot like “progressivism”, which is evil-sounding on its face.

    So everyone feels obliged to stare at their feet until the Old Farts all die off, so as not to cause any ruckus.

    Because nothin’ can be allowed to change as long as that handful of Old Farts are still seated on the front porch in their rocking chairs, watching the corn grow and watching the soybeans turn brown.

    In the meantime, anyone with any smarts and/or ideas, either left Marengo on their own to go find more fertile soil, or else got pushed out by the mediocre fools who can’t tolerate anyone whose presence threatens to prod them to THINK and use their brains productively.

    Besides, if anyone dared produce anything, some Democrat would likely move in and find a way to TAX any private gains away.

    So why bother?

    Especially when it’s just so much easier to raise your clenched fist and pound your cane on the floorboards and blame and curse Governor Pritzker and Joe Biden and those damn Chicago Democrats in Springfield, than risk the ire of the NO TAXES Old Farts?

    The fact that Marengo now looks far more stagnant and lifeless and less inviting than it did even in the 1970s, when it at least sported TWO downtown pharmacies and a bank and two grocery stores and Wayne’s Meat Market, plus Levin’s dry goods and Bobby’s shoe store and a coin shop and a lady’s clothing boutique, is apparently irrelevant.


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