If You Were In Charge of Israel, What Would You Do?

From WIND email on April 15, 2024.

I was glued to my TV set last night watching blasts in the sky above Israel.

Let’s tell what you would do if you were in charge of Israeli foreign policy?

Follow Joe Biden’s advice and call the protection from 99% of the drones and missiles “a win.”

Use the attack as an excuse to take out Iran’s nuclear faciliies.

PUll out of Gaza.

Something in between.


If You Were In Charge of Israel, What Would You Do? — 28 Comments

  1. Cal we were in no wars under Trump’s leadership.

    We are in 3 wars thanks to ice cream eating Joe who’s funding Iran and their proxies.

    The only ones that are winning are the central bank crooks.

    The only reason that Turnip and his possee of deep state slimeballs are in charge is because elections are being stolen.

    Look at WI.

    They’re bragging about giving illegals an ID to vote.

    Neither option you pose is realistic.

    You want an answer.

    Vote Trump in November.

  2. I figure Israel will do something before November.

    What should it be?

  3. The red line for Netanyahu has been crossed.

    I think targeted strikes on Iran infrastructure like oilfields.

    If they bomb the nuclear facilities the wind blows to the west so the fallout will likely float towards Saudi Arabia as well as Israel.

    After that retaliatory strike Biden should sanction the crap out of Iran but since he’s giving them billions by removing Trump sanctions and the state of the administration and who’s running it Biden will be status quo.

    Wasn’t Chuck Schumer calling for a new Israel election 2 weeks ago?

    You know what they’re thinking.

    Replace Netanyahu just like they did in Ukraine to get their cokehead Nazi Zelensky in office.

  4. If You Were In Charge of Israel, What Would You Do?

    I sure as Hell wouldn’t be listening to or taking advice from the kiddie sniffing corrupt liar,
    BB knows all about him.

    It’s Trump in 2024, or the end of America.

  5. I would stop blowing up other countries’ embassies and assassinating their scientists and leaders.

    I would also stop blackmailing US officials like Israeli agent Epstein, and many others, did.

    And I would throw out the Talmudic ethical system of one set of morals between jews, and a quite different set between jews and gentiles.

    Actually the Dalai Lama and Pope Leo XIII came to my last suggestion independently.

    Yes, it’s no wonder Christ took a whip to them and called them children of the Father of Lies.

  6. My son just resigned his USAF commission when he was ordered to take orders from an Israel general.

    BTW, they will be striking the Iranians in something like 43 hours.


    The Israelis lost a 2 $billion patriot missile system and blew through $1 billion cruise missiles. Iranians spent about $20 million on cheap drones and missiles.

    How long before expendable US soldiers lives are lost while our borders are being overwhelmed!

    F-ck Israel and all their dual loyalists here (Garland, Blinken, Mayorkas, etc., etc)

  7. “…commission when he was ordered to take orders from an Israel general.”

    His breakfast order?

  8. https://historyguy.com/wars_by_president.htm#google_vignette Wars of Donald J. Trump (2017-2021)

    Ongoing hostility with Iran. This ongoing conflict escalated sharply in December 2019 and January of 2020, with Iranian-proxy forces (Iraqi Shiite militias) attacking U.S. bases in Iraq, killing American personnel. U.S. responded by killing a Shiite militia leader and a major figure in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Iran responded with missile attacks on two U.S. bases in Iraq, injuring over a hundred American troops.

    War in Afghanistan

    Wars Against ISIS, al-Qaida and other Islamic Jihadist groups in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, northern Africa and elsewhere.

    American Missile Strike on Syria (April 6, 2017)-In response to the Assad regime’s apparant use of chemical weapons on a civilian target, the April 4 chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, United States President Donald Trump ordered a retaliatory strike against the Syrian air base at Al Shayrat.
    See also: American-Syrian Wars.

    Just Saying!

  9. Nob.

    These are wars created by those that run the central banks across the globe.

    Biden funded Iran to use their proxies to attack Israel.

    I’m not a fan of the Israel Mossad (when translated to English stands for ISIS) which are the same slimeballs as our own CIA.

    The media has a grip on the feeble minded.

    Why else would all of these psy op’d idiots support and Iran proxy like Gaza?

    Project Mockingbird lives on.

  10. “Cal we were in no wars under Trump’s leadership.”

    Political BS

    Trump’s lip service has some value, but his inaction on pulling our troops out sooner cost lives,

    Worst part of Trump is he lacks leadership when it comes to control of the budget,

    Last very years of BO were better than first two years of Trump, and he had a favorable congress.

  11. First order of biz Not talk to Bydumb and his ignorant regime All D.A.’s.. and are part of this chaos.

    When ready sit down with these so called enemies of all time since they have been fighting since before Christ! for Gods sake… and try to come to a solution for all the humanity on both sides. But indoctrination is hard to over come Right Bydumb mr you don’t have to pay for your college while we brain wash our childreens and the tax payer will own you.

    It may be tuff to do but its a start and see what comes of peace talks, by using common sense. Like Mr Greedy Ukraine man should have done with Putin… all he is looking for is mo money right Bydumb right Billary and soros.. friends of a feather?…

  12. The TDS runs deep on the blog today.

    So nob explain to us how reducing taxes on the middle class doesn’t increase revenue to the government thus offsetting debt.

    Please quote Rachel Madcow in your response.

    IL simps. Just priceless

  13. Jews in the USA make up just 2.5% of the population. I am sick and tired of giving taxpayer dollars to Killers and Genocide leaders. I can tell you with absolute authority the Jews in Israel have persecuted, killed, and jailed unjustly the Christians and Muslims for decades. Netanyahu is a killer. He is a criminal. Let the Jewish bullies in the USA pay for his weapons, not the American Taxpayer. Muslims hate us because we support Israel. Who paid the price for this? Americans have. These killers denied medical and humanitarian aid to GAZA. They are war criminals. They must be prosecuted.

  14. You started the comments with political bs, changing the issues don’t change that fact.

    I’ve read where the Trump income tax reductions didn’t increase revenue, but the rich did enjoy it.

    Trump should have forced a reduction in spending by using his veto which he didn’t do, in fact he never introduced reduced spending legislation.

    Trump isn’t fiscally responsible, he’s like a Dem.

    We need BBA, something Trump would never offer up for legislation.


  15. Wow. I’ll start with you nob.

    What periodical did you read supporting your 5:19 post?

  16. It’s overspending that is the problem, and neither presidential candidate is even talking about it really.

    CBO controlled by insiders, projected higher revenue than what actually occurred, good for us, not so much for the interest payments?

    Pinch your nose and vote for more debt, passing on our fun for future generation to pay for!

    I miss Bill and Newt, they at least faked a balanced budget.

  17. The nob seems to be Bob Miller’s rather ugly daughter Rebecca.

    At least her IP corresponds. She ain’t too bright, but she loves to go to Disneyland!

    She’s a real peach!

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