Grafton Township GOP Seeks Broader Acceptance of Its Illegal Voters Resolution

From Orville Brettman, Chairman of the Grafton Township Republican Party:

Grafton Township Republicans Draft Resolution

At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Grafton Township Republican Party held on April 10th 2024 a resolution entitled **A RESOLUTION OPPOSING NON-CITIZEN VOTING** was adopted unanimously.

The Grafton Township Republican Central Committee will be forwarding copies to the McHenry County Republican Central Committee as well as the Law and Governance Committee of the McHenry County Board in the hope that both bodies will adopt it.

The resolution is as follows:

WHEREAS, pursuant to applicable Illinois State law and McHenry County ordinances, only legal citizens possess the right to vote in elections for members of the McHenry County Board, school board members, and other elected positions within McHenry  County, Illinois;

WHEREAS, it is unlawful under federal law, as well as Illinois state law, for non-citizens to participate as voters in Federal Elections, Midterm Elections, Consolidated Elections, Primary Elections, Special Elections, School Board Elections, and any other elections conducted within the jurisdiction of McHenry County;

WHEREAS, all individuals who are not U.S. citizens and attempt to cast a vote in any election within McHenry County shall be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, and any individuals found to be registering non-citizens to vote shall also be deemed complicit in voter fraud and subject to legal penalties;

WHEREAS, Illinois State Senator Celina Villanueva, representing District 12, has proposed legislation that would permit non-citizens of the United States to register and vote in school board elections, a move that diverges from the longstanding requirement of U.S. citizenship for voter eligibility;

WHEREAS, the Illinois State Board of Elections explicitly lists U.S. citizenship as a primary criterion for voter eligibility in the State of Illinois, underscoring the importance of this requirement for maintaining the integrity of the electoral process;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee hereby expresses its strong opposition to the participation of non-citizens in the electoral process and affirms its commitment to uphold the requirement of U.S. citizenship for all voters in local elections, including but not limited to elections for the McHenry County Board, school boards, and other local governmental entities.


Grafton Township GOP Seeks Broader Acceptance of Its Illegal Voters Resolution — 10 Comments

  1. While I respect the Grafton Township Republicans, the legislation they reference of state Senator Celina Villanueva, SB 1345, is a dead-bill, and has been for over a year.

    SB 1345 is going nowhere, and while Senator Villanueva had the audacity to propose allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections (at the price of any legal status), the bill is not going to become law.

  2. Maybe Orv might want to push voter ID and elimination of cheating software in our elections.


    That might solve the problem IL counties suffer from.

  3. John & JT:

    I respect both of you as well, but assuming this push from the commie left is going to ‘go away’ may be a bit nieve.

    Grafton is trying to ‘make the record clear’ insofar as the County’s stance on this issue.

    We think this effort which some may see as diminimus is a waste of time, we believe it to be at least as worthwhile as the efforts elsewhere directed towards a ‘he said – she said’ circular firing squad attempt to gut the leadership of our Party by pitching out time tested leadership.

  4. Lopez is an utter fool.

    Avelar aka Lopez, go back to your Fake site !

  5. Let’s do it!

    Who’s kidding who?

    You know the Left is going to encourage illegal alien vote!

  6. No brainer.

    The fact that this even is considered is absurd.

    While merely making a statement as suggested above, perhaps a “statement” on trans participation in Grafton school sports be adopted as well?

    How about a “statement” of the appropriate use of flags flown on public properties?

    Yes, yes, I am aware the Grafton Township has little recourse as to the choices in local schools, but if it’s “statements” that are being issued, why not go on record?

    Much like most of the McHenry County Board, most of the members prefer to remain obscure in their stance while playing both sides of the fence.

    Ya know, those squish “Repubes”.

    The same ones who ran on no raise in taxes yet caved accordingly.

  7. I respect Graftons position on taking a proactive approach instead of reactive.

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