Oberweis Dairy in Trouble

When Jim Oberweis was running for statewide office, he expanded the reach of his Dairy Stores into Alonquin and McHenry.

Those disappeared years ago.

And when I asked him about that he said his son was then running the dairy.

Wisconsin dairy farm supplying Oberweis Dairy.

Known for milk produced from cows without hormones, it was the go-to drink for those concerning about the effect of the hormones on growing kids.

Now, comes word from WLS-TV that the firm has filed for bankuptcy:

Oberweis now lives in Florida.


Oberweis Dairy in Trouble — 4 Comments

  1. This is awful news.

    So many local farmers supply Oberweis, so they must be hurting, too.

    Fewer and fewer people drink milk and even eat dairy because, for many, it’s not healthy.

    Very sad news.

  2. This is sad news: I like Oberweis milk and ice cream.

    I helped Jim Oberweis in a humble way on one of his 14th congressional district campaigns against Bill Foster, in 2008, I believe.

    I have supported the Oberweis and Muller-Pinehurst and Dean’s dairies, as best as I could, ever since I was a little kid, when dairy farms were still abundant in our area.

    I love milk and cheese and dairy products, in general. I thrive on milk.

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