CORRECTION: MASSIVE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE NEW LAW – NO Free Ride for GOP State’s Attorney Candidate Randi Freese and County Board Candidates Deena Krieger, Carl Kamienski

Two attorneys have informed me that legislation in question applies only to the General Assembly.

My apologies for the large mistake.

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In an attempt to make certain that their extraordinary majorities in the Illinois House and Senate remain intact, the Democrats pushed through an incumbent protection plan that is awesome in its audacity.

Signed by Governor JB Pritzker on the rush Friday morning, the legislation denies party central committes the previous authority of slating candidates in contests where no party candidate was on the primary ballot.

Here are the parts of the state where the minority party did not have primary candidates on the ballot and now are forbidden from placing them there through a party caucus:

Majority party candidates in the districts colored black will have no opposition under Senate Bill 2412. Uncontested will be nine Senate races ( eight Democrats) and 54 races (36 Democrats) for House seats uncontested.

Besides protecting Democratic and Republican Party legislative incumbents without opponents, the bill changes the rules of the game for local offices.

Here is what does that, giving local unopposed candidates a free ride:

However, if there was no candidate for the nomination of the party in the primary, no candidate of that party for that office may be listed on the ballot at the general election.

Deena Krieger
Carl Kamienski
Randi Freese

In McHenry County, that applies to

  • just slated State’s Attorney candidate Randi Freese, whom the rumor mill reveals would have faced a female candidate ready to run against Kenneally
  • Deena Krieger, running for the seat that Kelli Wegener, Democratic Party opponent to County Board Chairman Mike Buehler, had to vacate in order to challenge Buehler and
  • Carl Kamienski, who like Wegener ran second and, therefore, received only a two-year term
A song just too appropriate to unopposed candidates’ situation.

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The Illinois Freedom Caucus issued this scathing critique of the Democrats action:

IL Freedom Caucus calls out blatant power grab with bill banning slating in legislative races

Springfield, IL – The Illinois Freedom Caucus says the state’s tyrannical overlords have demonstrated once again the only thing they care about is acquiring and maintaining power.

The Illinois Democrats rammed through a measure to strip local parties of the ability to slate candidates in legislative races if no one filed to run in the Primary Election.

Senate Bill 2412 also authorizes three ballot questions for the November election which means the Right to Parent ballot question cannot appear on the November ballot.

State law only allows for three ballot questions in a given election and the initiatives authorized by legislative action supersede citizen-driven ballot measures.

The Right to Parent petition asks voters if parents should have the right to consent to medical treatment for their kids at school and in matters pertaining to gender identity issues involving their children.

“This legislation is nothing more than a power grab for Democrats.

“Slating candidates has been a time honored tradition in our election process. It is a tool both parties have used for decades.

“The reason the Democrats want to strip this ability now is because they know many of their members are vulnerable to challengers.

“They do not want to give voters a real choice in elections because they fear the choices voters would make.

“And their fears are understandable.

“Our state is being run into the ground by a cadre of incompetents.

“Instead of addressing our broken pension systems and getting spending under control, the unserious majority party is making sure citizens can’t own exotic animals.

“They can push through a partisan train wreck like Senate Bill 2412 in record time but heaven forbid we take any action at all on the important issues facing our state.

“Maybe sometime in the year 2070 we will finally get that report from the Property Tax Relief Task Force. But probably not.

“The Democrats don’t want parents to voice their concerns with the woke agenda being forced on their kids and they don’t want voters to have a real choice in the upcoming election.

“Perhaps if we start using titles such as ‘The Keep Democrats in Power for All Eternity Act’ on our reform legislation we can actually get something meaningful done in Springfield.

“One can only hope.”  


CORRECTION: MASSIVE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE NEW LAW – NO Free Ride for GOP State’s Attorney Candidate Randi Freese and County Board Candidates Deena Krieger, Carl Kamienski — 13 Comments

  1. The amended statute 10 ILCS 5/8-17 changing the rules for nominations by party committees rather than primary voters, applies only to general assembly offices. 10 ILCS 5/8-1 says that article applies only to general assembly elections.

    Disclaimer: I’m not an election law expert, so if you screw up your effort to get elected, not my fault.

    If you pay me $450/hr, however, I’ll be an expert.

  2. Cal, don’t be like Brandon. It really is time for you to retire.

  3. Do the realities of Illinois politics really matter anymore?

    The “elected officials” in Illinois are so obviously vapid, feckless, step-and-fetch political whores, they do what their told and await their $ and pension.

    The only “vote” that matters in Illinois now is the vote people make with their feet – they move.

    Until Illinois collapses financially (when the federal government decides that Illinois is cut off from subsidies), only then will Illinois begin the clean up of it’s disaster.

    Those of you who are Illinois elected officials – you are traitors, you are frauds, you’re terrible people.

  4. Is that map, a satellite image from space, capturing where lawsuits are blooming?

  5. What the heck is the matter with that Edgar Winter dude? Good song, but sheesh!

  6. Edgar Winter has albinism. So did his late brother, blues guitarist Johnny Winter.

  7. Why should we pay pensions for ppl who treat us like garbage and think n act like their untouchable….and using us as a means to make them rich while we suffer?

    I’m sick of paying these fancy dressed criminals comfortable lifestyles for screwing everything up…

  8. I feel our governor should live in Springfield at the house we pay to have furnished for his family.

    Instead of us paying for his plane ride to and from Chicago or were very his family resides

  9. Why would we want this in Illinois?

    We’ve had enough political errors in the past why open ourselves up to more corruption?

    Change is good and often times how we find fraud and financial discrepancies.

    We need to be transparent and available to all who live in Illinois.

    Allowing residents to vote freely for their choice.

    This adds scary to further corruption protected by the rules made by those in power and the feel is power is more important than Illinois residents.

    This is not sitting well in my heart.

  10. Any politician who favors party politics should have their employment terminated immediately!

    Tho party is over!

    Get back to work for the citizens of the USA!

    Not for foreign invaders!

    Not for your behind the scenes influencers slating our elections!

    Ban the politicians from taking money from lobbyists!

    A politician’s job is to represent we the people.

    Too many citizens are unaware of the misrepresentation by politicians!

    Too many have shown more interest in lining their own pockets, and pushing for their own party!

    Not how our system of government should be run!

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