Law Enforcement Organization Holding Huntley Meeting — 12 Comments

  1. I like these Illinois ritual character-building self-punishment sessions.

  2. …I see self-flagellating hair shirts and cat-o-nine-tails won’t be provided, so it’s BYO.

  3. I’m wondering if the subject of “carnival safety for families” will be addressed.

    Somehow, since Obama’s sons are involved, I think not.

  4. The politicians are great a creating these BS events.

    Then some guy tries to MURDER a woman in McHenry.

    These clowns will get together and have another BS event – likely criticizing Trump for a tweet.

  5. Why is the dual loyalist and zionist Tadelman there?

    Ask the rat if he supports his coreligionist zionists Franks, Mayorkas, Yellin or Garland.

    What about Pritzker? I never heard the xionist Tadelman ever castigate the gubernatorial signer of the fake Safe-T Act.

    Has the rat Tadelman EVER criticized the sanctuary state garbage begun by zionist Rauner and strengthened by Fatty Pritzker?

    Enlighten me!!!

    Why fid Tadelman shave off his goatee? A little too Mephistophelian?

    Ha ha ha

  6. I agree with CLM and AngryinRichmond.

    Buejler, Tadelman and Kenneally are all compromised!

    Tadelman is a zionist! Ask him!

  7. Joseph is an lgbtq type from his earlier posts.

    Rather disgusting.

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