Pro-Hamas Protesters Civil at My Leftwing Oberlin College

Oberlin College has been on the cutting edge of social issues since at abolitionist days.

The most recent topic is the war between Hamas and Israel

The campus has just under 3,000 students.

When I attended from 1960-64 I estimate that 20% of the students were Jewish.

In the Rathskeller, I discovered bagels.

I liked them so much I joined Hillel to get monthly bagels and lox…with cream cheese, of course.

Below is a group shot of Students for a Free Palestine taken from its Facebook page, which, while reading the comments, one finds challenges, but no responses.:

As one can see above, the number of pro-Hamas students are a small percentage of the almost 3,000 enrolled.

They are standing in front of Wilder Hall, where I roomed in my sophmore year next to Pete Rothman, who blasted the Quad with two huge speakers playing Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis., both of which I am now a fan.

A few of the pro-Hamas students pitched tents between Wilder and Dascomb Hall in front of the library.

“The sign in this phot reads, “No business as usual. Divest now.”
“People’s College for the Liberation of Palestine” this bedsheet reads.

Oberlin’s President, who apparently wants folks to call her by her first name, issued this email:

Oberlin President Carmen Ambar explaining to NPR the college’s losing $36.6 million dollars when Gibson Bakery sued for being falsely label “racist.”

Oberlin Community,

I am sure you have noticed that some of our students have set up tents on Wilder Bowl. These students have expressed their intent to remain peaceful and to avoid hate speech. They have done so by distributing guidelines via fliers to those engaged in the protest, in which they commit to remaining civil, to having a tenor of de-escalation, and to presenting IDs when asked. The fliers have included a QR Code with links to the college’s protest policies. The values of respectful dialogue, respectful protest, and respect for each other and our community are values shared by our campus.

This year we have had several peaceful protests, vigils, and political displays and installations. The views expressed over the course of this academic year have ranged from advocating for the Palestinian people and a ceasefire in Gaza, to calling for divestment, and calling for the return of the Israeli hostages and recognition of the Israeli state.

As we have engaged in the exercise of free expression, we have not always been perfect in adhering to our community values. But we have not fallen prey to a world where we refuse to listen to each other. We have not devolved into hateful exchanges or violence as a new norm. And we have heretofore avoided what seems to have beset some of our colleagues on other campuses, a harm to the campus community that may be irreparable.

Over the course of this semester, our dialogue sessions have been full of students, faculty, and staff alike who have worked to hear each other and to listen with the purpose of understanding. We have had campus events, classroom discussions, and concerts that have encouraged us.

It is always more difficult to listen to others with whom we disagree. It is always more challenging to express our perspective with care and concern for those who are in opposition. At Oberlin, however, we have embraced this complexity. I am hopeful that our commitment to each other, to disagree with our community still intact, will remain.

This dedication to discourse, a willingness to engage across difference, and the ability to agree to disagree with civility are the hallmarks of the liberal arts and of Oberlin College.

Today and every day, our collective commitment to the Oberlin community has been a principle that we have viewed as sacrosanct.

As we finish the final few weeks of our spring semester, I feel assured that together we will continue to thrive as a community. I believe that to be so, because of who we have shown ourselves to be.


Oberlin students demonstrating in front of Gibson’s Bakery in 2016. Photo credit-Chronicle-Telegram.


Pro-Hamas Protesters Civil at My Leftwing Oberlin College — 21 Comments

  1. That Oberlin/Gibson’s lawsuit is gonna be chumpchange, compared to the cost of FEMA, sending in all those Microaggression Trauma Teams to triage the survivors…

  2. ..and what happened to that Oberlin Woman’s Lacrosse Coach who was removed for “hate speech” after coming out against Trans-Athletes?

  3. Does our crack reporter know the difference between pro-hamas and pro-palestine?

    Big difference.

  4. Those that “know”, “know”, those that don’t should consider themselves fortunate.

  5. Probably not, Most can’t distinguish between an Israeli and a Jew.

  6. “Probably not, Most can’t distinguish between an Israeli and a Jew.”

    Most can’t distinguish between a Republican and a MAGAHAMAS.

  7. I see the big orange idiot is now claiming he will send 20M illegals back to where they came from.

    Who is going to pay for this.

    The Mexican Government like they did the wall.


    At approx. 250 seats per plane that will be 80.000 flights.

    At 30 seats per bus, that’s 666K busses.

    And that doesn’t even take into account the chaperones

    More MAGAt rhetoric that the morons will eat up.

  8. TDS and clelessness on full display.

    I expect nothing less from the blog trolls.

  9. “send 20M illegals back”

    It’s time to dust off my Public Transportation idea, of a series of catapults and circus nets, only this time from Chicago to the Rio Grande with Mexico providing a final landing Bouncy House, on their side of the river.

  10. Why so many jews at Oberlin?

    They are only really less than 1 % of the total uS population.

    Maybe the kids st are reacting against the establishment, which runs uniparty and gets us into stupid wars for israhell.

    I support those kids!

    They understand who jokds power here, unlike Buehler.

  11. Pokorny, yes Orange Man is controlled opposition.

    But you adore zionists, trannies, democrats, RINOs like Mitten man Romney, frauds like Tadel-rat, morons like zionist puppet ghoul Feterman, Fatty Pritzk, Witch Lou Ness and her little witch spawn.

  12. “I support these kids!”

    Only 18 year-olds have the impressive wisdom and moral compass to sway an “Angry” idiot.

    You know, that age cohort that Insurers loath and Hertz won’t rent to for another 7 years.

  13. I’m glad Oberlin had to pay.

    I convinced my goddaughter to go to U of N. Dakota instead of oberlin.

    Her dad saved some coin!

    My bakery materials to the family convinced them that oberlin was crap.

  14. DJ, I dupport the antizionist college kids too.

    They won’t be silenced unlike the rinos.

  15. Pokorny, you are imbecilic, perhaps moronic.

    Do you support Biden?

  16. “I support” those three Northwestern kids that are Class Action ‘ing dumb ass Administration, for creating as cited a “dystopian cesspool of hate”.

    After the Oberlin, Northwestern and other Endowments get sued to oblivion, can’t wait to see the hat-in-hand, pitch’s to Jewish Alumni for a redo.

  17. Yes Jewish alumni hold the whips.

    Bow to them and kiss their rears.

  18. “Pokorny, you are imbecilic, perhaps moronic.
    Do you support Biden?”

    No I do not support Bidden.

    But who is the moron here.

    You and the rest of the morons believe this bombastic asshole will do it.

    Not a friggen chance.

  19. tRumpty will revive Trump Shuttle flights. Central and South American countries will pay for it.

  20. Question………What would happen if a group of protesters in Gaza, burned a Palestinian flag?

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