The Blago Rat Is Back

The most revealing photo of Rod Blagojevich’s character.

Donald Trump seems obsessed with the fact that former FBI Director James Comey was involved with the conviction of former Illinois Govenor Rod Blagojevich’s prosecution.

Somehow Blagojevich ended up at a Trump fundraiser in Frloida, where he was introduced by Trump.


The Blago Rat Is Back — 20 Comments

  1. …and I’m feeling like, you know, I’m really in a bad place.

    You know it’s interesting isn’t it?

    And like I fail-, I’m a, like I failed. I feel like I’m, like I failed. Like I failed.

  2. Will you be marking your spots here today like a dog marks a tree?

  3. Just goes to show the depths that trumpty will go.

    Blago is a political heavyweight.

    I wonder if trumpty gave him a job caddying?

  4. “I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden.”

    It’s (expletive) golden, all right.

  5. The trial is about a misdemeanor bookkeeping error. How is that germane to the case. Is Stephanie Clifford a closet CPA?

    Porky go do your Porn Hub fact finding due diligence.

  6. Blago didn’t appreciate Zio-Nato bombing Belgrade, or the filling of Europe with third world invaders.

    He also said many mean and nasty things about Obama’s sexual hijinks during the FBI’s recorded wiretaps and many things about sweet Michelle….. far worse than Joan Rivers’ observations. (Eyes wide shut)

    He also mocked his lesbian sister in law, Butchy Mell and called Rahm Emanuel a “gay IDF pervert.”

    So, Blago got targeted by little hat trolls.

    Like Cong. Trafficante, Sen. Fullbright, Sen. Heinz (assassinated), etc

    People working hard and paying bills do not have the time to delve into the totality of our massive brainwashing. We swim in it from our birth.

    We are a comatose nation!

    Our owners and masters keep us that way; otherwise they lose total control of us.

    People like Blago, corrupt as he is, is very dangerous to the Uniparty rats.

    If Blago is a rat, as you say, then the elites running America who went after Blago and are running the country into the ground, are giant, carnivorous capybaras.

  7. LOL Stormy is goin to spank me….it’s gonna be big… it’s gonna be great…. it’s gonna be the greatest spanking ever.

  8. I hereby nominate Pokorny for McHenry County High Dunce of the Year!

    I hope last year’s winner, “Bri” Sager will give up the trophy without incident.

  9. And yet another original thought.
    You are on a roll today.
    This much brain usage must be tiring.

  10. yeah just ask the FB govner offering ’em 12K for a job… no wonder he got off even on FBI tapes he is still not behind bars… right toilet king? they are all crooks… takes one to know each other.. if’n the FBI not done anything what makes you think comey would be squeaky clean… all in the swamp together… like rats.. alright…..

  11. DEMOCRATS doing what DEMOCRATS do.
    They just can’t help themselves, it’s in their DNA

  12. ^triggered. Abe doing what Abe does. Crying on a blog about his life sucking. Buuuuurrrggglllaaaarrr! LOL

  13. And there’s Lil Joey adding value again. Another blog Karen. Priceless

  14. JT always responds with no value. Neat. Loser. JT hero to none. Clown to many.

  15. The NY Post article was a real nothingburger. Trump was wearing silk pajamas and Stormy hit him with a rolled up magazine??

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