Lake in the Hills Well House Bricks Tagged — 12 Comments

  1. Might help if you orientate the pictures correctly.

    I’ve never seen a brick pattern like that.

  2. I honestly believe when Cal ended his successful career taking taxpayer money that he ever envisioned being successful at triggering blog trolls.

    I’m amazed at his ability to dangle yarn and get them foaming at mouth.

    I think we should Celebrate June as Cal Skinner month.

  3. “Stupid” ? might be more libtard word salad… no one will get that other than the stupido’s..

  4. Ya know. Getting the troll trifecta is quite easy. Cal should set up an online gambling site with odds on which blog idiot is triggered first

  5. Please Leopard. Complimenting my posts causes excessive foaming at the mouth by the blog trolls.

    Wait for it.

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