Message of the Day – Tax Dollars at Work — 22 Comments

  1. Not much reporting here.

    How much is a Silver Sponsor?

    Most likely we’re not talking a lot of money.

    Just riling up the homophobes.

  2. MCC would like to have sponsored a float in the New Orleans Pride, but simply couldn’t afford it.

    It’s for another class of gay people, that window of rich, successful gay MCC desperately peers through, wants to be part of, but is sadly always on the other side as is Woodstock…

  3. “not talking a lot of money”

    …says the guy who wouldn’t spend the $1000 per night at the Fasano Hotel in Ipanema and told his ‘partner’ the place he found on TripAdvisor, rated 39 of all the hotels in Rio, with a special of $175 US “was more romantic’…

  4. …Stephen see’s the disappointment on his ‘partners’ face as they enter the room, so he splurges by taking him to the Fasano for dinner and drinks.

    But after seeing the restaurant prices online, just drinks…

  5. Reliving your past? Pretty descriptive. Any secrets you want to share?

  6. I suppose Brokeback Mountain is your favorite movie? Huh “cowboy”.

  7. …Stephen worries a little that he’s diminishing in Tom’s eyes with each passing year, as he notices Tom seeking glances at all the younger men in their tiny bikinis, as they sip drinks on the hotel pool deck…

  8. Obviously he can’t quit the homoerotic fantasies either.

  9. $1000.00, not a lot, just another example of a taxing body supporting a private organization’s actives.

    Wasting tax dollars on feel good things like parades, fireworks, and etc.

  10. …so the inevitable argument over money and Stephen’s meager salary erupts and although Tom doesn’t work, he stays home and takes care of the house, plans trips and “that’s a job too!” he argues…

  11. Walter Mitty dreaming about his preferred life style.

    For god’s sake just come out already.

  12. …Joseph sensing an opportunity with the bickering couple, offers to take their pic, making a crude comment about Stephen’s knock-off Ralph Lauren, as Tom and Joseph bond in their shared laughter…

  13. LOFL DJ. My stock in paper towels is soaring thanks to excessive foaming at the mouth.

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