Reader’s Take on the Northwest Herald

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

“I picked up a NWHerald on Saturday.

“If I remove the pages from the center that are the ads for Meijer, Dollar General, a nursery and the comics that are all printed on different paper so that all that is left is the tabloid newsprint, it is 2.6oz.

“That is 48 pages of content and ads,”


Reader’s Take on the Northwest Herald — 10 Comments

  1. Did you just out yourself Spots.
    You have never been accurate in your life.

  2. News flash from the Caliphate: print newspapers are dying in the age of AI, alternative facts, and equivalence of belief and evidence. Enjoy your tweethought and tictoc.

  3. Sivertsen should tone it down and quit dating Philippine women online.

  4. Did anyone else notice that the May 1 edition was mostly a repeat of April 30?

    I sent the NW Herald a FB e-mail and never got a reply.

  5. Northworst Herald is fake news – always has been. The AI articles are not only fake but also brainwashing and indoctrination too.

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