Barrington Hills Objects to Definition of “Estate” in McHenry County Land 2030 Use Plan

The following press release was received from the Village of Barrington Hills. It concerns the 2030 Land Use Plan.  One of its objections is the almost complete abandonment of the horse raising heritage of McHenry County. When the first count … Continue reading

ALAW Promotes Minority 2030 Plan Report by District 6 County Board Members

Something certainly is at stake in the 2030 County Land Use Plan to be voted upon at Tuesday night’s McHenry County Board meeting. The following press release from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water might give you an idea … Continue reading

ALAW Sends Newsletter

The following newsletter was received from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. It talks about the 2030 Plan planners ignoring citizen comments the “Fair Map” Reapportionment Amendments the ALAW Conflict of Interest ordinance Mike Tryon’s bill to prevent Water … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Council Tells Metra OK for Ridgefield Station…IF

And the “IF” was in capital letters. Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano returned to his home town city council for a second time seeking permission to proceed with plans seeking approval for a new commuter train station in Ridgefield next … Continue reading

A-LAW Questionnaire for County Board Candidates

You read what the Woodstock Independent, the Northwest Herald and the Daily Herald want to know about and from candidates. Here’s what the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water are interested in learning about those running for the McHenry County … Continue reading

Kim Willis’ Comments to the County Board about the 2030 Plan on Behalf of the McHenry County Environmental Defenders

Good Morning. My name is Kim Willis and this morning I am speaking to you on behalf of the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, located at 124 Cass Street in Woodstock. You’ve just heard a brief overview of the 2030 … Continue reading

McHenry County Green Team Asks for Friday Comments on County’s 2030 Plan

Here’s a press release from a group I have not heard of before, the McHenry County Green Team: YOUR COUNTY PLAN COMMISSION NEEDS YOUR INPUT! The McHenry County Green Team encourages all residents to read the proposed 2030 Land Use … Continue reading