Circuit Court Judges Select Assistant State’ Attorney Robert Zalud as Associate Judge Passing Over Eighteen Others

McHenry County Blog printed the press release about McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Zalud has been elected by the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court Judges to fill the Associate Court judicial vacancy. Now, let’s look at the competition. This is … Continue reading

Robert Zalud Appointed Associate Circuit Court Judge

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court: State’s Attorney Robert J. Zalud selected to fill vacant Associate Judgeship (Woodstock, IL) Chief Judge James S. Cowlin is pleased to announce that Robert J. Zalud was selected by the Circuit … Continue reading

Will Associate Judge Kevin Costello Run for Circuit Court Judge?

Here is the map for the 3rd Judicial Subdistrict: = = = = = 10-1-19 Discovered that the State Board of Elections map below is incorrect at least as far as the boundaries for subcircuit 2 and 3 are concerned. … Continue reading

Justin Hansen Appointed to Replace Circuit Court Judge Michael Sullivan

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court: Justin M. Hansen Appointed Circuit Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court (Woodstock, IL) On November 12, 2018, the Illinois Supreme Court issued order M.R. 001403, appointing Justin M. Hansen to Circuit … Continue reading

Feds Give $491,000 over Four Years to McHenry County Circuit Court for Drunk Driving Fight

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court: 22nd Judicial Circuit Receives DUI Court Grant from Bureau of Justice Assistance (Woodstock, IL) The 22nd Judicial Circuit of McHenry County is pleased to announce that it was notified by the … Continue reading

Tiffany Davis Designated to Replace Retiring Circuit Court Judge Charles Weech

Judge Charles Weech is retiring this September after serving on the Circuit Court since being elected in 2006. Prior to that he was an appointed Associate Circuit Court Judge beginning in March of 2001. Before his judicial appointment Weech was … Continue reading

McHenry County Judicial Watch

Courthouse sources say that three Circuit Court Judges will retire this year. One has already done so–Mareen McIntyre. She was replaced by Associate Judge Robert Wilbrandt, who, in a previous life, was McHenry County Public Defender. Another Judge said to … Continue reading

Almost $900,000 Three-Year State Subsidy for Drug Court

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court: 22nd Judicial Circuit Receives Drug Court Enhancement Grant (Woodstock, IL) The 22nd Judicial Circuit of McHenry County received notice from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) that a Drug … Continue reading

Talking about Courtroom Scheduling

Under the article “County Board Considers Multi-Million Dollar Construction,” commenter “Questioning” has a couple of sentences about the court system’s wasting people’s time that I would like to comment on. Here’s the whole comment with the part that interested me … Continue reading

Two Associate Judges Appointed

Inthe last two weeks McHenry County Circuit Judges have selected two new Associate Judges: Michael Coppedge of Crystal Lake Jeffrey Hirsch of Woodstock Assistant State’s Attorney Demetri Tsilimigras, who announced his candidacy for the Circuit Court Judgeship given to Associate … Continue reading

Tsilimigras Resigns Algonquin Township GOP Post

As the Republican Precinct Committeeman for the 7th precinct in Algonquin Township, I received the following letter from Demetri Tsilimigras. Tsilimigras explains that a candidate for judge cannot hold an official party position. He is challenging appointed Circuit Court Judge … Continue reading

James Cowlin Files State Election Board Papers

Appointed Circuit Court Judge James Cowlin has filed papers with the Illinois State Board of Elections indicating he is running for the office in the Republican Party Primary Election. The form was signed on the August 22nd. James Wright is … Continue reading