"12 Brave Souls" in House GOP Ready to Vote for Income Tax Hike

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) talked about “what really happened in Springfield.” Let me skip to what he said Republicans did and didn’t do. “Twelve brave souls said they … Continue reading

Dan Sugrue’s Chances of Winning State Rep. Seat in Lake County Skyrocket

At last year’s Pro-Life Pork Roast at Resurrection Center, I met Dan Sugrue. He was running for state representative against Kathy Ryg. You see him giving his 2008 pitch. That’s his daughter Vivian by his side. (Had I been quicker, … Continue reading

Pam Althoff Still Flirting with Voting for an Income Tax Hike

McHenry County Blog relayed the Sunday before last that Jeff Berkowitz had discovered that McHenry County’s State Senator Pam Althoff was a weak link in the Republican opposition to the Democrats’ income proposed 50% tax hike. Now, Pete Gonigam’s First … Continue reading

Steve Stanek Writes Lead Letter in Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s what McHenry resident Steve Stanek wrote the Chicago Sun-Times about those folks in Springfield To the editor: “Down in Springfield, it’s fool-the-taxpayer time,” the Sun-Times wrote (“If this is reform, what’s with the loopholes?” editorial, May 29). When is … Continue reading

Calculating One’s Cost-Benefit Ratio on the Doomsday Budget

When Rod Blagojevich and the Democrats took total control of state government, Blagojevich claimed the deficit was $5 billion. That was after the election. I figured that was over a two-year period. He raised all kinds of fees, virtually asking … Continue reading

What Pat Quinn Didn’t Explain about the Effect on Illinois Business

Unmentioned in Governor Pat Quinn’s budget address was what his 50% income tax hike proposal will do to Illinois business. Here’s what the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce says, “If this plan were passed, Illinois would have the 5th highest … Continue reading

Only Two of Five Local Legislators Share Views on Pat Quinn 50% Income Tax Hike Plan

As I mentioned previously, I have emailed each of the five state legislators who represent McHenry County asking them their position on Governor Pat Quinn’s proposal to raise state income taxes 50%. So far, only two have shared their positions. … Continue reading