McSweeney Goes after Beaubien for Saying 67% Income Tax “Fair,” Points Out “Independent” Beaubien’s Mailings Paid for by Democratic Party

After sending out about a half dozen “positive” pieces, Republican State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney sent out a piece that arrived on September 19th that criticizes candidate Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) for characterizing the 67% income tax hike her patron Mike … Continue reading

Tax Hike Pimps Boldness Growing

Naturally the black hole that wishes to eat a couple thousand dollars of my income originates in Chicago. Consider he Chicago Sun-Times today. Look at the cover.  Abraham Lincoln is crying because taxes aren’t higher. He isn’t crying because people … Continue reading

Art Turner Gets Half of His Wish

Yesterday I wrote more stories about Springfield than I ever have before in one day. I covered Mike Tryon’s campaign sign bill, Jack Franks’ recall constitutional amendment and the John Cullerton/James Meeks’ 67% income tax hike/ services sales tax imposition … Continue reading

Senate Democrats Pass Income Tax, Sales Hikes, Four New Casinos

A 50% income tax hike was not high enough. Slot machines in every convenience store and tavern wouldn’t tempt enough people. Senate Democrats caved into the Rev. and Senator James Meeks’ goal and voted 31-27-1 to raise income tax rates … Continue reading