Sales Tax Hike Phase-out in Chicago, But Not in Crystal Lake

Front page news on both of Chicago’s papers today was the Cook County Board’s vote to phase out its hefty sales tax under the now out-of-office Todd Stroger. The Crystal Lake City Council’s March, 2008, 75% city sales tax increase went … Continue reading

TORA – Ticket to Re-Election

The petitions for re-election are being circulated for Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and Council members Cathy Ferguson, Ellen Brady Mueller and Brett Hopkins. And, just in time for the campaign, there is an election kick-off party that required the … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Sign

This is income tax day and this sign, while not local, is appropriate because TEA Party demonstrations are going to be held in Crystal Lake on Route 14 at Main Street and on Route 62 in Algonquin. For the Route … Continue reading

Gnashing of Municipal Teeth

When city leaders read this Tribune article saying that Pat Quinn expects them to “share the pain,” there will be gnashing of teeth. Apparently Quinn has decided to cut the $1 billion a year income tax revenue sharing by 30%. … Continue reading

Tax Hike Pimps Boldness Growing

Naturally the black hole that wishes to eat a couple thousand dollars of my income originates in Chicago. Consider he Chicago Sun-Times today. Look at the cover.  Abraham Lincoln is crying because taxes aren’t higher. He isn’t crying because people … Continue reading

550th Day of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% City Sales Tax Hike

Because of severe computer problems with my new Hewlett-Packard computer, I missed the 525th day anniversary of Mayor Aaron Shepley’s and his city council’s (sans Jeff Thorsen) 75% hike of the Crystal Lake city sales tax’s having taken effect. It … Continue reading

425 Days Since Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% Crystal Lake City Sales Tax Took Effect

Just in case you’re interested. In Chicago the media and taxpayers are interested in the Cook County sales tax hike that went into effect the same day as Crystal Lake’s. Neither anyone on Crystal Lake’s city council nor any Crystal … Continue reading

But Not in Crystal Lake

The Cook County Board voted to cut the Cook County sales tax by 50%. The suggestion in this article in today’s Chicago Sun-Times proved correct. The Cook County sales tax hike took effect the same day that Crystal Lake Mayor … Continue reading

300 Days Since Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% Sales Tax Increase Went Into Effect

Reminded by today’s Chicago Tribune editorial page, I pass on this reminder to you. How different has been the Chicago Tribune’s reaction to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s sales tax increase last July 1st from that of the Northwest … Continue reading

Crystal Lake City Council Incumbents’ Voting Records

When legislators run for re-election, opponents search the record for votes they consider “bad.” As far as I can figure out, none of the five challengers to the Crystal Lake City Council incumbents has cited any votes of the incumbent … Continue reading