The Lawyer-Legislators’ Defense

One of the way lawyers in the General Assembly make money is by attracting clients who have not only a business agenda, but a legislative agenda. Because state law does not require attorneys to list their clients, there’s no central … Continue reading

More on Kirk Dillard’s Foray into Crystal Lake

Yesterday in an article entitled Kirk Dillard Woos McHenry County Women McHenry County Blog started a three-part series on what happened when the GOP candidate came to Crystal Lake. Besides covering pensions and a new tax credit for contributions to … Continue reading

Where to Put Barack Obama’s Head on a Mountain – Part 1

One of our family’s stops on our Western Odyssey was Mount Rushmore. We went for the nighttime presentation. I was expecting a light show and was disappointed. The light show I remember as being excellent was in front of Springfield’s … Continue reading

The Cardinal Weighs In On House Bill 2354

At last weekend’s services at Catholic Church services in the Chicago Archdiocese a letter from Cardinal Francis George was distributed in church bulletins. It speaks to House Bill 2354, the bill which stimulated McHenry County pro-life to run an ad … Continue reading