Mercy Pounds Centegra for Abandoning Woodstock

Hospital wars continue in McHenry County. Wisconsin-based Mercy Health System lobed rhetoric at Centegra in the Woodstock Independent, the dominant health care provider in McHenry County after Centegra filed suit to stop a state-approved 13-bed Mercy hospital in Crystal Lake. … Continue reading

Why Doesn’t County Health Department Use Drug Store Clinics?

My article on Advocate’s taking over Walgreens’ health clinics¬†struck a cord with former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster. ¬†She offered the following way County Government could save money by utilizing private enterprise’s health clinics, rather than operating them in … Continue reading

Advocate Establishes Another Beachhead in Centegra Country

Advocate Health System selected the Walgreens in McHenry to spotlight its take over of the drug store chain’s health clinics. Advocate, of course, operates Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington. 52% of Good Shepherd’s patients come from McHenry County. Advocate also … Continue reading

Readmission Rates at Area Hospitals

Yesterday we looked at death rate comparisons for Medicare patients for heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia at Barrington’s, McHenry’s and Woodstock’s hospitals. Today, we look at readmission rates for those three problems. For heart attacks the Barrington, McHenry and … Continue reading

Death Rates at Area Hospitals

One of the data sets issued by Medicare cuts to the chase. It’s about mortality. Death rates to the rest of us. When I was managing state employee benefits (my consolation prize after running against Roland Burris for State Comptroller … Continue reading

Medicare Statistics Raise Questions about McHenry & Woodstock Hospitals’ Use of Medical Imaging

The Federal government has released data showing the use of medical imaging for hospitals across the country. The data base allows the comparison of three hospitals on one page, so I selected Barrington’s, McHenry’s and Woodstock’s. Taking a look at … Continue reading

Patients Questionnaires Compare Three Area Hospitals

Here’s an interesting web site that allows viewers to compare three hospitals. I took the three who serve most McHenry County patients, Advocate Good Shepherd, Centegra McHenry and Centegra Woodstock. Look at what patients filling out questionnaires said about each: … Continue reading