My Daughter Alexandra’s 30th Birthday

In 1982, I was running for State Comptroller, probably to test my hypothesis that one could not win a office above State Senator without selling one’s soul. (Needless to say, I lost. To incumbent Roland Burris, no less. Soul still … Continue reading

Prentice Hospital Might Be Re-Cycled

The corn cob shaped Prentice Women’s Hospital is where my daughter Alexandra was born. It’s part of the Northwestern Memorial Medical Hospital complex. As my daughter Alexandra’s mid-February, 1992, birth approached, I was running for State Comptroller. As Lincoln’s Birthday … Continue reading

“It Didn’t Hurt a Bit”

I’m reminded of what my daughter Alexandra said when she was two and a half and on her first weekend visitation provided in divorce proceedings with Robin Geist. Alexandra was all dressed up in a pretty outfit that first weekend. … Continue reading

Mike Mahon Huntley Fundraiser Attended by State Comptroller Candidate David Miller

While Republicans were raising money in McHenry for party purposes, Democratic Party sheriff challenger Mike Mahon was doing the same in Huntley. I went over after the GOP Play Day dinner and discovered an eating place treasure in the outside … Continue reading

McHenry County Health Department Warns of Rabid Bats

They’re back. The rabid bats, I mean. I first got interested with rabid bats when the McHenry County Health Department used them as an excuse to try to impose what I came to call the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax. … Continue reading

A Letter to Alexandra from Great-Grandmother Addie Watling-Skinner

My niece Sarah, now in an artist’s residency in Priarietown, Massachusetts, sent me a letter she found from my grandmother Addie Watling-Skinner last month. Amazingly enough, the letter was addressed to my daughter Alexandra, 28 years old today. You can … Continue reading