The Roskam District Which Clinton Carried

In the fall election Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton carried Republican Congressman Peter Roskam’s district. This is highlighted in the Cook Report’s “Partisan Voting Districts of the 115th Congress.” The analysis shows “only 35 of 435 districts ‘crossed over’ to … Continue reading

Trump Takes Cary-Grove High School Mock Election

Not only has Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans down to State Representative achieved victory in the McHenry High School District Mock Election, but they have also done so at Cary-Grove High School. Results can be seen below: … Continue reading

Nancy Zettler Faces Off Against Allen Skillicorn at Jacobs HS

Someone else will have to tell readers what happened in the comment section, because I was at an Informed Choices banquet in Kildeer Thursday night. The crowd does not seem particularly robust. The two are running to replace retiring State … Continue reading

Could a Statewide Building Code Be Aimed at Putting Windmills Anywhere without Local Interference?

A new political committee was founded in July. It’s called Clean Energy Illinois; its chairman and treasurer are both the same individual, a Chicago man named Barry Matchett. Since August 22, it has taken in at least $67,500 mostly in … Continue reading

League of Women Voters’ Abortion Question Plays Right into Second Democratic Party Abortion Mailing for Dee Beaubien Plays

And the beat goes on, demonizing Republican David McSweeney for being Pro-Life. Below you see the second mailing from the Democratic Party of Illinois (look at the return address) preparing the way for the really atrocious mailings from the pro-abortion … Continue reading

Opposed Legislative Candidates on Hot Seat at MCC Forum Friday Night at 7

If you live anywhere but the southeastern part of McHenry County, you won’t be able to her your legislative candidates at the candidates’ night sponsored by the Crystal Lake Chapter of the American Association of University Women, the Crystal Lake … Continue reading

Sharon Meroni Continues Quest to Force Candidates to Prove Citizenship

Algonquin Township’s Sharon Meroni challenged the candidates running for legislative office in her part of the state, just as she challenged the candidacies of various judges, including Independent Sally Wiggins’ during the last election cycle. Her most recent action is … Continue reading