2011 Campaign Contributions from Those Interested in Allowing Com Ed & Ameren to Hike Electric Rates without ICC Approval

The Campaign for Political Reform has a spreadsheet that shows how much each state legislator has taken from companies like Commonwealth Edison, Ameren and other entities which it thinks has a stake in the so-called “Smart Grid” electricity rate hike … Continue reading

State Senator Dan Duffy Expresses Outrage at Electric Rate Hike Bill

State Senator Dan Duffy’s speech in opposition to the Com Ed/Ameren electric rate increase bill: Business side of bill: This “smart grid” technology does not prevent outages from Storms like we experienced in the recent past. It is not going … Continue reading

Althoff Vote Makes the Difference in Passing Com Ed Rate Hike Bill, Roll Call

State Senator Pam Althoff provided the deciding vote in overriding Governor Pat Quinn’s veto of the Commonwealth Edison/Ameren electric rate increase bill. The veto override of the veto of Senate Bill 1652 passed by just one vote. That means every … Continue reading

Two of Three State Reps. Vote for Com Ed Rate Increase “Trailer” Bill, Roll Calls on HB 3036

Readers by now have figured out that I think Com Ed’s and Ameren’s electricity rate hike “Smart Grid” bill is dumb. Let me tell you why. The Illinois Commerce Commission has granted monopoly status to electric utilities. In return for … Continue reading

Althoff Goes with Com Ed, Duffy Doesn’t & Com Ed/Ameren Rate Hike “Trailer” Bill Senate Roll Call

Here’s the roll call for the so-called trailer bill that supposed to make the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill better. Governor Pat Quinn, who cut some of his community organizing teeth creating the Citizens Utility Board, doesn’t agree that it … Continue reading

Com Ed’s Infrastructure Financing and the Last Com Ed Scam

I don’t claim any expertise concerning electric utilities Commonwealth Edison’s and Ameren’s wanting customers to pay for upgrading its system. But, it does seem to me that getting the electricity to homes and businesses is part of the business of … Continue reading

Com Ed/Ameren Rate Hike Bill Passes House – Roll Call

Senate bill 1652, the legislation that Commonwealth Edison and Downstate electric utility Ameeen promotes as a “Smart Grid” bill, passed the Illinois House this Memorial Day 67-47-1. It previously passed the Senate, as you can see from the Senate roll … Continue reading