What Happened about the Grafton Township Case in Judge Michael Caldwell’s Courtroom

I wrote a piece on what I heard sitting in the courtroom while the elected Grafton Township combatants’ attorneys tilted in the first post-decision hearing. Out in the hall, Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney John Nelson outlined what had been decided. … Continue reading

Grafton Township Separation of Powers Trial Resumes

10 AM is the time court begins. It’s the trial between Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore and the Grafton Township Trustees consisting of Robert LaPorta, Betty Zirk, Barbara Murphy and Gerry McMahon. At the last hearing, Township Administrator Pam Fender, … Continue reading

Grafton Township Ancel Glink $40,000 in Legal Bills for April Higher than March’s $36,400

In March, Ancel Glink billed Grafton Township $36,432. Think that’s high? In April, the bill was for $39,994.88. There was $5,226.25 to advise on “Corporate” matters. Another $28,373.75 to prepare for the separate of powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda … Continue reading

Grafton Township Critic Says Let Other Governments Absorb Its Functions

McHenry County Blog has some thoughtful thinkers. One has posted the comment below under the last article. Certainly people are talking about abolishing Grafton Township.   Two trustees have told me that might even favor the idea. I found one … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustees Blow Off Second Meeting – Ancel, Glinck Partner Writes Boycott OK

For the second time in four days, Grafton Township Trustees boycotted a meeting called by newly-elected Supervisor Linda Moore. Moore was criticized by township attorney Keri-Lyn J. Krafterfer in a November 6th letter for not having included items on her … Continue reading